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Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Has All The War Coverage Gone?

During 2003-2008, almost daily the nation's news outlets reminded us that we were engaged in two wars: Afghanistan and Iraq. If there were causalities then the same news outlets made sure that those were on the front page of their newspapers and websites, or the lead story in their broadcasts.

Even as the surge of a couple of years ago began to sway the tide of the conflict in Iraq, the mainstream media then began to beat the drum that the real war was in Afghanistan. The Democrats even began to use the talking point: "Bush took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan". Obama even crisscrossed the nation during the election campaign promising to renew our efforts in Afghanistan, to invade Pakistan, and to find Bin Laden.

As the escalation in Afghanistan by Obama has caused causalities there, as the post surge Iraq continues to move ahead wonderfully, and as Bin Laden continues to be at-large some where in the Middle East, an amazing thing has occurred. The media has stopped talking about both Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 150 U.S. service men have been killed in 2009 in Afghanistan and yet we hear little to nothing about those casualties. Even my liberal coworkers, that used to bring up the war(s) at a minimum every week, have become mum on the issue.

Now I am not naive enough to believe that suddenly the MSM and other liberals have suddenly found patriotism. I am not dumb enough to believe that they have suddenly started caring that constantly hammering on the wars has a detrimental affect on the American people's attitude towards the wars, and on the morale of the men and women deployed in those war arenas. I am not stupid enough to think that liberals want a U.S. victory in either war.

No, there is only one reason for the stop to the anti-war drumbeat: they are afraid it will hurt Obama. With some of the things he is trying to shove through congress while he has a majority in both houses, liberals know that he is going to get hammered in the polls. His popularity is sinking faster than the Titanic, and they know that showing things going poorly in Afghanistan will only further exacerbate that sinking.

All I am asking for is equal time. If Bush's handling of the wars got so much press, shouldn't Obama's as well? Didn't Obama promise a complete withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq and victory in Afghanistan? Where are the news stories showing that neither of those are taking place, and in fact, the opposite of those are taking place?

I guess it is too much to expect the media to hold Obama's feet to the fire after they almost burned Bush's clean off. Fairness from liberals? Yeah right.


Writer X said...

And where are all of the lovely Code Pink ladies?

AndrewPrice said...

What could Code Pink possibly want to protest Writer X? The "good guys" are running the police action now.

Writer X said...

Andrew, I guess I miss all of the pink feathers and the fake blood thrown at people at townhalls and rallies. Good times.