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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ben And Jerry's new 'Hubby Hubby' Flavor Celebrates Gay Marriage

Who knew? Ben and Jerry didn't just get together to make ice cream. Apparently they are secretly married to each other as well. Congrats Ben and Jerry.

Seriously though, this is exactly why I refuse to patronize Ben and Jerry products:

Click here: Ben and Jerry renames ice cream 'Hubby Hubby' in celebration of gay marriage

For years I have boycotted Ben and Jerry because of their stand for left-wing politics. Why a company wants to alienate 50% of their potential customers is beyond me. Imagine if an ice cream maker named a flavor 'Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve' to celebrate traditional marriage?

It is nearly impossible to avoid all companies that get involved in liberal politics. Almost every car manufacturer that sells in the United States sponsors various gay rights events., the largest online employment company, has been involved in gun control initiatives for years. Most job applicants don't even know that.

Still, when Ben and Jerry do something this blatant people need to take a stand. Personally, I think their ice cream is the most overrated product in America. But even if it was the best ice cream on the planet I would refuse to buy their products because of moves like this.

So make a statement with your wallets America, just say no to Ben and Jerry.


Writer X said...

I can't even imagine what the flavor would taste like. And I don't want to know. Yuck.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm stunned. Like Writer X, I can't imagine what this would taste like, but I can guess. . . and that does not make me happy.