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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Further Evidence Proving Our Society Is Upside Down

People are outraged regarding these two news stories:

Click here: Video shows live chicks ground up alive

Click here: Dogs left alone at home for 7 months

Now call me a cold-hearted jerk, but neither of these stories bother me. There are millions of chickens born everyday, the fact that some unwanted ones die and are killed leave me decidedly nonplussed. Dogs left alone? Again, that just doesn't cause much grief to me.

What upsets me? How about the fact that yesterday alone 4,200 unborn human babies were ripped into pieces and sucked out of their mothers' wombs, through tubes, and into sinks. Today another 4,200 were treated the same way. Tomorrow another 4,200 will meet the same fate. That infuriates me.

Meanwhile society is up in arms over dead chickens and neglected dogs, and barely bats an eye at human babies being murdered. I just don't get it.


4simpsons said...

I call it moral schizophrenia, aka Romans 1 on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. How do they not see the hypocrisy? I don't get it.