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Thursday, September 03, 2009

On The Heels Of Obama Bypassing Parents And Going Directly To School Children

There is this story:

Click here: Parents upset over leftist propaganda video

If you don't think this is a big deal, watch the video:

Absolutely frightening. And they wonder why there is so much anger at the town hall meetings. Imagine conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter doing an "I pledge" statement in a similar video in support of President Bush. The outrage would be swift and severe.

My pledge? I pledge that we identify all of the celebrities and infamous people in this video and boycott anything they are associated with. I was planning on buying Heros Season 3 on DVD in order to catch up from last season for this coming season. Guess what? Not only will I not be buying the DVD, I won't be tuning into this season. Hayden Panitierre taking part in this video made that decision for me.

My favorite? Mensa candidate Cameron Diaz saying that we need to "be on this planet forever". FOREVER? Are you serious? Everyone knows that is impossible! Too funny.

"I pledge to be a servant to President Obama"? Seriously folks, that sounds like something out of 1930's Germany. Scary stuff right there.


Writer X said...

Too funny. I'm blogging about this ridiculous video today too. What a piece of junk.

nanc said...

disgusting, but what do you expect from elitests? they deliver.

as for 9/8 - we're calling it "keep your kids home from school" day.

the excuse for the note should read as follows:

"My little darlin' was kept home from school on 9/8 as i was having some vision problems.

yeah, i couldn't SEE sending them that day." sincerely - blahblah

Braden said...

Well sir, you and I have 2 things in common: we are both conservatives and we both like Heroes. I must admit, I too was upset by Hayden Panettiere's appearance in that video. However, I must differ on the notion of refusing to buy Heroes Season 3. First of all, because it's much better than Season 2. Second, I try to not let the individual beliefs of certain Hollywood actors affect my enjoyment of their performance.

Let's face it, we couldn't watch hardly anything if we insisted on watching people we agree with on everything. Not even Andy Griffith is safe! He did a pro-Obama video with Ron Howard and Henry Winkler (the Fonz).

I can sympathize with your disgust for this video. It's very Nazi-esque in nature. In fact, I posted the video on Facebook with the caption: "I promise to do my duty in love and loyalty to the F├╝hrer," which is a quote from the Nazi pledge of allegiance.

Anyway, I appreciate your concern. I'm with you. Stay tuned for Season 4.