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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michigan Pols Couldn't Properly Run A State To Save Their Lives

In the "Stupidity Never Ends" category, I nominate the Michigan house and senate. Trying to balance a state budget prior to a state government shutdown, this is how they are trying to do it:

Click here: Lawmakers struggle to balance budget

Notice this section of the article:

Dillon isn't saying which tax hikes the House will take up, but strong possibilities include a 3 percent to 4 percent tax on physicians' gross receipts, a 5 percent tax on satellite TV, a levy of up to 5 cents on bottled water....

5 cent tax on bottled water? Taxing doctor's gross receipts? (Remember, doctors pay state income tax already!) A 5 percent tax on satellite TV?

They cannot be serious with this stuff. In the terrible economy that Michigan has had for pretty much the entire time Jenny The Mole has run this state (thanks Jen!), these are the last kinds of proposals you should be discussing.

Let's see, Michigan has a 15%+ unemployment rate. The state continues to shed jobs, hemorrhage businesses, and lose residents at an alarming rate. Now you can do one of two things:

a) Do things that will stop those three things from occurring.
b) Do things that will increase those three things.

How you could ever represent your constituents by doing b is beyond my understanding. It is unconscionable. It is reckless. And it is plan stupid.

Of course, Granmole is behind most of these things (thanks again Jen!), so it shouldn't surprised me it that it is unconscionable, reckless, and stupid. Modus operandi for Jenny from the block.

Here is an idea, CUT SPENDING!!!!!!!!!!


Writer X said...

Cutting spending is too easy. I'm not sure those words are in a Democrat's vocabulary.

nanc said...

they definitely should have the olympics in michigan...she runs...she hides...BWAH!