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Friday, September 18, 2009

Putin Compliment Proves He Has No Fear

Click here for story: Russia's Putin says calls Obama's decision on missile shield "brave"

When your enemies start to praise your foreign policy moves it might be time to rethink them. As Putin makes plans to reorganize the Soviet Union, of course he'd view Obama's decision to pull the plug on missile defense for former Soviet block countries Poland and the Czech Republic as a positive move.

There was nothing brave about what Obama did. His entire foreign policy is lacking in any real teeth. Appease and acquiesce seems to be the only thing consistent in what he is doing. Oh, except for his tough talk against Hondurans for their BRAVE actions related to enforcing their constitution.

As we watch one foreign policy blunder after another, and a similar performance on the domestic front, you have to wonder how long Americans will stand for this. Most of us over the age of 25 remember the strength and resolve of Ronald Reagan. Watching Obama undo all that Reagan did leaves a queasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

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