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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1st, 2009

I looked at today's date and was completely stunned. No I have not been in a coma and just awoke to what day it was, but sometimes it feels that way. Could it really be that 2/3 of the year are really gone? Could it be that there are only 4 months left in the 00s? How is this even possible.

I can still remember 1999 and the ringing in of 2000 like it was yesterday. The overt hype of Y2K and the forecast of widespread computer problems. I have worked with computers since the late 70s. I have been in IT since 1989. I knew there would be little but maybe a few billing errors due to Y2K.

I can remember my wife coming home from a conference in 1998. We were just dating then, and she talked about the keynote address. The speaker was talking about the Y2K computer problems and he predicted:
  • Gas pumps would stop working
  • Appliances would no longer function
  • Your vehicle wouldn't start nor run
  • Your bank account balance would go to zero (or worse, negative)
I could go on but you get the idea. She was incredulous that I would object. How could I question a guy that was so brilliant that he was asked to give the keynote address at a conference on the subject? Simply because I knew better.

On January 1st, 2000 (we were married by then), when none of the above came to pass, I reminded her which one of us had been right!

That was nearly 10 years ago. Yikes.

When I look back since that time at all of the changes that have occurred it is mind-boggling. That was pre-9/11. I wasn't a father yet in 2000. Many of the my nieces and nephews had not been born. My sister hadn't met her husband yet. I had more hair and no gray in my beard. George W. Bush had never served a day in the White House. We weren't involved in any wars. No one had heard of Barack Obama.

Graduations. Deaths. Marriages. Births. Many of those things have occurred since the year 2000. Many people that were part of my life then are either not part of it or a very small part of it now. Many people I didn't even know now play major roles in my life.

Since then I've switched hobbies from golf to archery. I can't count the number of vehicles I've owned and sold since 2000. My diet has improved tenfold in those 9+ years. All of my favorite clothes in 2000 have long since worn out and been thrown away.

My favorite sports teams consist of very few, if any, of the players they had in 2000. Our two oldest dogs were merely puppies then. We've done several home improvements since 2000 to the point where the house looks so different. The trees and shrubs have all grown so much.

Change through time is inevitable, and 10 years brings lots of changes. My faith in God has remained constant. My faith in my country has been shaken. Truths that I thought to be self-evident are now questionable. Things like our nation remaining a free-market economy. Our individual rights remaining ours. Our nation being the greatest nation on earth because of its differences from the rest of the world.

I look ahead at the next 10 years. In late 2019 will I still be alive? If I am what changes will have occurred? And will this the greatest nation on God's green earth still be thus, or will the liberals have won and changed it irreparably to resemble the rest of the world?

If all else fails at least there is still God to lean on.

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nanc said...

i hear you loud and clear - if this administration has its way, no, sadly this nation will become something yet unseen by the modern eye. i fear for our children and their children that haven't been born.

we were camping in a tent nine years ago helping a friend build his log home, while tending to our property and trying to make it livable - it started out with the four of us in a 28' camp trailer - talk about cramped! now it's a 24x30, two storey cabin - i miss it and want to go home - this big house is just too much trouble.

we're going there this weekend - sigh...