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Monday, September 14, 2009

True Displays Of Lack Of Decorum

Unless you live under a rock you've heard about South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson and his cry of "You lie!" during Obama's lie-filled speech on health care reform last week. The outrage from the left was swift and immediate.

The comical thing about it is that if Obama, Biden, and Pelosi hadn't reacted with stern stares of consternation immediately following the outburst no one would have even noticed. The three-headed monster's reaction called more attention to Wilson's outburst than the outburst itself. Wilson simply uttered a two word response to Obama's claim that his health care reform plan wouldn't cover illegal aliens. It should be pointed out that both sides of the aisle have since admitted that Wilson was right and Obama was wrong. (Illegal aliens were in fact covered under the Obama plan at the time of the speech.)

A coworker's outrage at Wilson's "break from decorum" was funny to me since she lacks any decorum herself. Even funnier is that she won't even mention these "breaks in decorum" from over the weekend:

Click here: Kanye West Spoils The Show At MTV Awards

Click here: Furious Serena Williams Dumped Out Of U.S. Open Afer Outburst

Note the difference: Wilson made his outburst, was allowed to remain and apologized immediately after. West was later ejected from the MTV awards after continuing his bad behavior off stage. (He did later apologize on his website, after he sobered up.) And Serena, who was ousted from the Open due to her outburst, refused to apologize even afterward!

Also, remember when West took a moment out of a charitable event to call then President Bush a racist? Where was the outrage at that? West made an accusation that was untrue without any ramifications. Wilson made an accusation that is true (Obama is a liar) and continues to be taken to task for it.

Nancy Pelosi is demanding that Joe Wilson apologize FOR A THIRD TIME, or risk public rebuke in the House of Representatives. Joe Wilson has already apologized publicly and privately, and now the left wants him to apologize a third time from the floor of the House. Please.

Notice too, that Wilson merely uttered "You lie!" in the midst of an hour long speech where Obama was calling conservatives and Republicans liars the entire time! And in the final analysis it was Obama that was lying. Talk about backwards.

Meantime, West and Williams will barely receive a slap on the wrist. West will record a new song about the incident and sell millions of copies. Williams was fined for her obscenity-laced tirade, but will probably appeal and get them lowered or dismissed.

Justice at its finest in this nation of ours. I barely recognize it these days.

UPDATE: The verdict is in. What Kanye and Serena did, no big deal to my liberal coworkers. They still think Joe Wilson should be removed from office.



Writer X said...

The upside is that Joe Wilson has inadvertently brought attention to the illegal alien coverage in the bill. His campaign coffers have benefitted tremendously, too. If he apologizes again, he's a fool.

AndrewPrice said...

Typical. It's funny how the left can do know wrong as far as other leftists are concerned.

Can you imagine if Mel Gibson had done what West did?

Brittanicus said...

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Anonymous said...

So your co-worker speaks for half the country. Makes sense - nice work.

LoneWolfArcher said...

Actually she speaks for about 15% of the country, but I don't expect you to understand, anonymous.

BTW, nice courage in commenting anonymously! -thumbs up-