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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Happened To Suddenly Make Obama Love Bill Clinton?

I was watching Glenn Beck yesterday and at the bottom of the hour news update Sheperd Smith (and his eyeliner) came on Fox News and set up an address Obama was making at Bill Clinton's behest:

Click here: Obama addresses Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting

They only showed the first few minutes, but it was basically a Bill Clinton love-fest. Obama spoke glowingly of the formerly impeached president. They acted like they were old chums.

It struck me: didn't these two hate each other a year ago? Bill was painting Obama as a sleazy shyster that couldn't be trusted. Obama's campaign was painting Bill Clinton as a typical southern racist. The bad blood was palpable whenever Bill spoke publicly, or Bill was brought up to anyone in the Obama campaign.

Even black writer Toni Morrison backed away from her proclamation in the 1990's that "Bill Clinton was the first black president". African-Americans that I personally know were very upset with Bill Clinton and besmirched him anytime his name was mentioned.

Then suddenly yesterday they are best of buddies? This just goes to show how disingenuous people on the left are. Enemies today could be allies tomorrow. Allies today could be enemies tomorrow. They use people for their purposes and discard them as soon as they become liabilities. Obama personifies this.

Of course no one in the media will raise this issue. They want the strife that existed between the last two Democratic presidents buried and forgotten. No one in the media wants to remind the American people that these two were at each other's throats just a mere year ago.

I wouldn't trust anyone on the left as far as I could throw them.

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