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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wow. Just Wow. Or: When Ideology Takes Precedence Over Common Sense


Click here for story: Obama scrapping missile shield for Czech, Poland

The naivete of this president never ceases to amaze me. Note this:

NATO's new chief hailed the move as "a positive step" and a Russian analyst said Obama's decision will increase the chances that Russia will cooperate more closely with the United States in the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

Oh really? Obama apparently bought this hook, line, and sinker. But just a couple of days ago this came out:

Click here for story: U.S. concerned over Venezuela-Russia arms deal

Yeah, Russia sounds much more cooperative now.

Obama is showing weakness on national defense. Weakness is not how John F. Kennedy defeated the USSR in the Cuba Missile Crisis. Weakness is not how Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union. Showing weakness will get you hurt, maimed, or killed. Obama's weakness on foreign relations is only going to hurt U.S. interests abroad.

Unfortunately, this was all predictable. Obama spoke to his liberal crowds during last year's campaign about his plans. Things like hugging Iran, opening dialogue with North Korea, killing missile defense, and embracing the world's bad guys. No one can look back and say we didn't see this coming.

The results are already coming to fruition. You have Chavez in Venezuela making news weekly with bold talk. He has no fear of the Obama administration. You have Iran flexing their muscles and taking Tienanmen Square like tactics against protesters in their own country. You have North Korea firing missiles into the Pacific. Putin in Russia thinks he can get away with anything he wants. Qaddafi in Libya slapped the U.S. in face with a hero's welcome for the Lockerbie bomber.

Obama is letting things get out of control abroad. And the sad thing is that he has let things get so out of hand domestically that few are paying attention. Health care has dominated the public debate, and in the meantime Obama is weaking our national defense to levels not seen since pre-9/11.

After 9/11 common sense dictated taking a harder stand against terrorism and rogue nations. Obama is allowing his ideology of liberalism and appeasement to supersede common sense. The results for this nation could be devastating.

Reagan once said "Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong." These were remarks related to air strikes against Libya for Libya's role in global terrorism. It appears that Obama is willing to make the mistakes of Carter and return America to our former passive weakness.

Being nice to bullies only gets you punched in the nose. Until Obama understands this our country will be in danger of having our nose bloodied. God help us all.

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