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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are College Kids Brainwashed?

It seems decidedly so. You see, our university students can't seem to handle opposing viewpoints. It isn't just about disagreeing, it is about shutting down those you disagree with.

First, check this out over at Eternity Matters. Click here: (Unhinged) Birds of a feather

This happened north of the border in Canada. But it gets worse. Here is what happened recently at Saint Mary's University, also in Canada:

Hat Tip to Wintery Knight.

This is higher education? Where dissenting thought is to be shouted down and not allowed to be spoken? I might not like certain things said about Christianity, but unfortunately people have the right to say them.

Of course this is Canada, this would never happen in America right? Wrong. Apparently anti-Islam speech needs to be shut down as well. Unbelievably, after reading and watching this stuff in Canada first thing this morning, I open and find this story.

Click here: Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker Event at University Cut Short as Crowd Turns Nasty

Somehow I don't see the same thing occurring to an anti-Christian speaker on our college campuses. This is the result of our allowing a liberal stranglehold on our public school system, both primary and secondary.


Writer X said...

That was painful. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing. Love the Sesame Street chants. Future Code Pink wannabes.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Communists will never accept the fact people can have different opinions. This is why they are not interested in an honest dialogue and debate and will always try to shout down and demonize their opponents. It's a method taken directly from Lenin.