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Monday, October 05, 2009

Dirty Old Letterman

Turns out that David Letterman is a dirty old man.

Click here for story: David Letterman Studio 'Love Nest'

So all this time Dave has been verbally harassing Sarah Palin, it turns out that he dislikes any woman that won't, uhhh, "have" him.

Disgusting. CBS should pull the plug on this bozo. And I am not the only one calling for this:

Click here: Dump depraved Dave now, CBS!

Besides all of this, his top 10 lists have grown stale. It is time for Dave to go.


Individualist said...


So Dave had a special room above the studio offices for affairs with office subordinates.

Talk about your HR issues.....

Writer X said...

Sarah Palin definitely has the last laugh! Letterman has left little doubt that he is in fact a colossal creep.