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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jennifer Granholm = Snake Oil Sales Woman

To hear Michigan Governor Jenny Granholm talk you'd think she was the most selfless, apolitical, and bipartisan person in the world. Please.

UPDATE: Click here for audio of Jenny Granholm on Paul W. Smith's show: Jenny G. on WJR spreading her lies

She was on the Paul W. Smith Show on WJR 760AM here in the Detroit area again this morning. She again defended the 3% tax on doctors she has proposed. She again pledged support for the housing of Gitmo detainees in a prison in Standish, MI. And she defended this little bit of news that came out:

Click here: Granholm cuts school funding through signing and vetoing of bills

Note this part of the article:
The governor vetoed $51.5 million for 51 eligible districts -- including some of the highest spending in the state -- that have received payments since Proposal A reform was approved 16 years ago. Proposal A aimed to eliminate property taxes as the source of funding for school districts and replaced it with basic foundation grants.
This is a complex issue, but this is socialism at it's finest. You see, Michigan school districts have been allowed over the years to have their residents vote on local millages to increase school funding in their districts. Some of the higher income areas of the state spend up to $11,000 per student in their district due to this increase in local property taxes.

Of course, to hear Jenny Granholm talk about this veto, which is essentially socialism (share the wealth!) brought to public schools, it is an altruistic thing to do. However, here is the crux of the issue:
Every school district will see a cut of $165 per student, but even that reduced spending depends on an additional $100 million in revenue, which hasn't been passed by the full Legislature.
The state senate has not passed that additional $100 million in revenue. The senate is controlled by the Republicans. Democrat Granholm, of course, backs the Democrat-controlled house's version of the budget bill.
The House and Senate have approved contrasting revenue bills. The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation that calls for a one-year delay in a scheduled increase in a tax credit for low wage-earners and a reduction in a tax break for movie makers. But they're linked to a permanent business tax cut.

The Democrat-dominated House has passed bills that would place a 3 percent tax on doctors' gross receipts and halt an inflationary increase in the personal exemption from the state income tax.
Nope, no partisanship here. Granholm's socialism for public schools is an effort to force the Republicans to play ball and go along with the house version of the bill. In the meantime she is going on her media blitz spreading her lies and fabrications to justify her tax increase (which she claims will result in higher profits for doctors!!). Snake oil anyone?

Oh, and watch this video and try to tell me that Jenny G. is not a Democrat partisan hack!

Jenny Granholm guest on Fox Sunday, spreading lies

The woman is either delusional, crazy, or flat-out lying. I think it might be a combination of the three.

Also, on the Paul W. Smith show I love how she starts out talking about how important education is, and then goes on to defend her veto that is going to cost 51 school districts in Michigan even more money. Yeah, she is quite compassionate.

I am so thankful this is her last term in office, thanks to term limits. Next year we'll be able to vote in a new governor. If the Republican candidate is smart they will paint the Democratic candidate as the equivalent of Granholm. Using that tactic even a trained monkey should be able to win running as a Republican.

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Writer X said...

This reminds me similarly of when Napolitano was the governor of AZ and we had (and continue to have) a Republican-controlled legislature. Snake-oil salesman fits the gov perfectly. No matter how much money we dump into our public schools in AZ, we're still low on the list in terms of performance which proves that money/taxes isn't always the answer but no one wants to believe that.