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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jenny Granholm Reneges On Her Promises

Listening to Paul W. Smith's radio program this morning, Jenny Granholm made it clear that she is more concerned about keeping a promise to 94,000 college kids, than she is to millions of Michigan taxpayers.

Here is the interview, click here: Paul W. Smith Interviews Jenny Granholm

Granholm has failed this state. Repeatedly. And now she is going to break another promise: she promised no more new taxes. Yet to save the Promise Scholarship, which is $4,000 to 94,000 college students, she is willing to tax physicians 3% of their gross receipts.

Question: If you tax medical providers 3%, how do you think they will consume that? My guess is that they are going to raise medical fees by, you ready for this, 3%! And if the state makes that illegal, guess what? You will force doctors out of the state, or into retirement. How does that help anyone?

Jenny, keep your promise. Approve the cuts the Republican senate has proposed. We the people are tired of being squeezed from everything from the income we make, to the property we own, to the products we buy in the store. STOP IT JENNY! DO NOT RAISE TAXES! DO NOT CREATE NEW TAXES! DO NOT DISGUISE (as you did last time) THEM AS SERVICE FEE INCREASES!

Stop the lying Jenny, and do what this state elected you to do: to do right by the taxpayer. DO IT NOW.

UPDATE: For more analysis click here: theblogprof


Ed said...

Actually your math is slightly wrong. Assuming the doctor wants to maintain the same life style and not take a pay cut, he will have to raise the price more than 3%.

For example, if the doctor used to charge $100 for an office visit he would have to raise his price to 103.09 in order to maintain the same income.

Which is a good lesson on how taxes take money out of the economy and make the nation poorer as a whole.

LoneWolfArcher said...

Ed, very astute! Your point is spot on.

How Granholm thinks that will work is beyond me.

Writer X said...

What are this lady's chances at re-election?

LoneWolfArcher said...

WriterX, she is term limited, so this is it. Good thing too because Michigan voters are stupid. They vote blue every time no matter how badly the Democrats have failed them.

Writer X said...

LoneWolf, this is good news. As an aside, I'm sure you saw the news stories of the thousands of people standing in line in Detroit for their $3000 checks last week. Wonder how that's played out now that most realize they won't be getting their $3000 "Obama" checks? Just curious.

LoneWolfArcher said...

The local media will spin it so that it is the Republicans' fault. They always do.