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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Hypocrite!

Neil over at posted an excellent analysis on Michael Moore's hypocrisy.

Click here: Fallacies ‘R Us — Michael Moore preaches about Jesus and economics

Great analysis on one of the biggest hypocrites of our time. For Moore to practice what he preaches he’d have to be donating 99% of his profits from his movies to charitable causes (specifically those that help the poor). Yet he doesn’t. Records show he is among one of the stingiest of Hollywood elites!

Also, he fails to point out some interesting facts. Things like Christ saying the poor would always be with us. Yes, it is fruitless to try to eradicate poverty. That doesn’t alleviate the necessity of helping the poor, but it does mean that we have to make sure our efforts are put into the right place.

Further, in the old law, crop holders were told to leave the corners of their fields for the poor to come in and be able to get food. (Leviticus 23:22) Notice God doesn’t condemn the crop grower for owning the crop, or for keeping the largest majority of his crop for his own purposes.

Also, notice, it didn’t say to harvest the crops and give it to the poor. It said to leave it there so the poor could come in to gather food. In fact the NT goes further and says if a man doesn’t work then he shouldn’t eat! (II Thessalonians 3:10)

Moore and his ilk never seem to point that kind of thing out when discussing this topic.


Writer X said...

When Moore moves to Cuba, donates all of his money to charity, and lives in a commune, then I'll rent his latest movie. If nothing else, his latest movie shows just what a hypocrite he's become.

nanc said...

o.t. - for all your mom readers!

4simpsons said...

Yes. Yes, he is.

Thanks for the link!