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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Andre Agassi, A Couple Of Weeks Later

It has been a couple of weeks since Andre Agassi came out with details, from his new autobiography, of his use of crystal meth. My initial reaction to this confession can be found at this link:

Click here: Sometimes You Have To Deal With Difficult Subjects

Now that some time has passed it has become clear that Andre is very sorry for the decision that he made. I came to this realization after watching his interview with Katie Couric for 60 Minutes. You can view that at this link:

Click here: Andre Agassi interview on 60 Minutes

I found Andre in this interview to be very penitent. The remorse comes through in his words and in his expression. This is a man that has been pained with his decision to use a drug, and then to lie about its use.

The most telling part for me was when he said: "In life most bad decisions lead to more bad decisions..."

I wrote that very thing two weeks ago upon learning about all of this. Sometimes when we get caught in a sin we lie about that sin. Read the book of Genesis about Cain's killing of his brother Abel. When God confronts Cain, Cain lies that he doesn't know where his brother is. He utters the infamous words: "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Of course we are our brother's keepers. That involves many things. Andre in this interview asks for compassion. I give him that as a brother in the human-race. He made a mistake, as we all have. He has finally owned up to that mistake, unlike most of us.

As Andre points out, this is not about a performance-enhancing drug. In fact, this hurt his tennis not helped it. For Martina Navratilova and others to suggest that he needs to be stripped of his titles, or for him to willingly give them up, is preposterous. To look at him as someone that turned his life around after a horrible decision would be better.

Andre probably should have come clean back in 1997, took the punishment that was coming to him, and lived with the consequences. Like most of us he chose to try and take an easy way out. He has had to live with this secret for 12 years. I feel that he has been punished enough by carrying that burden.

I will be buying Andre's book, Open, and reading it.

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