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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Book: Onward Christan Athlete

Yesterday Michael Medved had the author of this new book on his show. Click here: Michael Medved Show The book's title is a tad misleading. This is actually a book that is belittling Christian athletes for using their position to push Christian beliefs. Especially the belief that Jesus Christ is THE way, THE truth, and THE life, and that no one cometh to the father but by Him. (John 14:6)

The author, Tom Krattenmaker, spent a lot of time on the Medved show talking about being a Christian progressive, and wanting to change Christianity into a religion that accepts all beliefs. By accepting he means that he doesn't want Christians to preach that Christ is the only way to salvation. Why is he even a Christian?

I must say, one thing I have never liked is when an athlete acts like it was God that caused his team to win. My belief is that God isn't really concerned about the outcome of a sporting event. Now, if the athlete wants to thank God for the talent He gave the athlete, that is fine. But to believe that God had a direct hand in the outcome, I think, is misguided.

Krattenmaker, in his call to Medved, took former NFL head coach Tony Dungy to task for supporting the Biblical definition of marriage. He felt Dungy should have supported homosexual marriage DESPITE Dungy's Christian beliefs. This is where liberal Christians (that is an oxymoron) lose integrity. You can't claim to be a Christian and go against the teachings of Christ.

Christ is clear: He is the only way to salvation, and marriage is between one man and one woman for life. Krattenmaker's willingness to compromise those teachings makes him an anti-Christ, not a Christian. He'd probably find that offensive but I don't care. Christ is clear in the scripture that you are either for Him or against Him. You can't be for Him and be against his teachings. Therefore Krattenmaker is against Him.

The idea that athletes cannot be true to their Christian beliefs is idiotic. Krattenmaker has no problem with liberal stars, in sports or any other pop-culture, espousing their liberal views publicly. But he thinks Christian athletes need to remain quiet about true Christian theology. (And I am not talking about the false doctrine version of Christianity that Krattenmaker preaches.)

Krattenmaker also spoke about a Major League Baseball team's chaplain (sorry, I don't remember the team) that was asked a direct question in a team Christian study. A Christian player asked the volunteer chaplain: "is my Jewish ex-girlfriend going to hell?" The chaplain, using scripture, showed the player that unless she accepts Jesus Christ and His teachings then she was in danger of being lost. Krattenmaker supported the team's decision to dismiss the volunteer chaplain for giving this answer.

Krattenmaker seemed appalled that one would think their religion was the only truth. Medved, who is Jewish, said he had no problem with the CHRISTIAN chaplain teaching Christianity. Medved's stance was that the chaplain was moved by his faith to do what he did because his beliefs instructed him to do so.

Krattenmaker obviously has no true concept of religion, sin, and redemption. You can't be a true Christian and think that people that deny Christ, which those that practice Judaism do, are saved. The whole point of Christianity is that Christ is the Messiah! By extension, true followers of Judaism have to think that Christians are lost because, in their estimation, Christians are following a false messiah! Krattenmaker doesn't seem to understand the basic tenets of the religions he discusses.

I don't mean to bash Krattenmaker as I am sure he is sincere in his beliefs. I just think those beliefs are grossly misguided, as is the basic theme behind his entire book.

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