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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Chairman Zero (Obama for those of you slow on the uptake) ran an election based on a message of hope and change. Who the hope was for, and what change, are still topics that are fiercely debated, but I digress. The key was that that he wanted to provide hope and bring a wind of change to America.

What has followed has been dashed hope, and the kind of change that we Americans do not want. Stimulus (read: political payoffs), Cap and Trade, National Health Care, Cash For Clunkers, multi-trillion deficits, etc. Not what we were hoping for in our change. In fact, if he had been honest he would have ran on "Hope For Government Money And Change Into Socialism", but honesty apparently isn't his strong suit.

Nothing is worse though than his handling of Nicaragua and Iran. In case you missed, Obama has been decidedly anti-Democracy in both of those countries' cases. One wanted to preserve their Democracy (Nicaragua) and the other started making overtures toward Democracy (Iran). In both cases Obama turned into the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, and essentially told both nations "NO HOPE AND CHANGE FOR YOU!"

In case you don't know what I am referring to with the Soup Nazi, here is a short video:

Apparently, Obama's hope and change is only for changing America into a socialistic nation, and not allowing other nations to change toward freedom.

Nicaragua had a president that decided he was bigger than the Nicaraguan constitution. He was eyeballing a Hugo Chavez type dictatorship. Nicaraguan's said "no thanks", quietly put him on a plane, and dethroned him peacefully.

Obama's reaction? "NO HOPE AND CHANGE FOR YOU!" Then his administration began to pressure the new administration of Nicaragua to put the dictator-wannabe back into power. Huh? A nation decides to remain free and Obama sides with the dictator?

Then there is Iran. Pseudo-elections were held in June and despite a wave of public outcry, Ahmadinejad, Iran's "president" (really their dictator) fixed the elections so that he would win in a landslide. Iranians reacted by holding mass protests, riots in some case, in a bid to overthrow the dictatorship and bring in Democracy.

Obama's reaction? "NO HOPE AND CHANGE FOR YOU!" Then his administration conveniently ignored the people of Iran and offered no solace. Offered no encouragement. Offered no help in toppling a radical regime with their sights set squarely on nuclear armament. Huh? A nation's people makes a play toward Democracy and Obama sides with the dictator?

Where is the outrage? Can we really have a president that would rather see a dictator remain in power, and a fellow Democracy converted to a dictatorship? Could this really be where we've come as a nation where we turn our backs on the oppressed? That we offer no consolation for those that want and demand freedom?

How anyone can defend Obama after not only what he has pulled in our nation, and then what he has done on the world stage (not just Nicaragua and Iran but his multiple "I am sorry about America" tours), is beyond me. The guy seems bent on destroying the America we all know and love, and his fellow ideologues in the media are content to try and cover for him.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Enough is enough.

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Writer X said...

Well-said once again, LoneWolf! The way he has handled Nicaragua and Iran show his true intentions about freedom and democracy. BTW, Soup Nazi is the perfect parallel!