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Thursday, November 19, 2009

John Conyers Is Stupid

To set this up you need to watch this video:

Click here for video: Dem Conyers Makes A Very Stupid Statement

Now it seems that everyone is concentrating on this statement:

"I'm getting tired of saving Obama's can in the White House"

Small potatoes. Seriously, that is minor compared to this next doozy.

"The public option.....which is the only way you'll manage costs and give some competition to 1300 other health insurance companies...."

Did he really just say that? Did he even hear what he said? This guy gets elected despite being about as smart as a piece of paper. And he marries very badly as well (if you are ever bored, do a google search on his wife, former Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers).

First of all, Johnny, the only way to manage costs is through competition. The public option has nothing to do with free market competition. The public option is a step towards a single payer system. The same system that is failing all over the world.

Secondly, 1300 other insurance companies are the VERY DEFINITION OF COMPETITION! How does this doofus not understand that? Instead of trying to get a public option, what your bill should be doing is making it easier for those 1300 insurance companies to compete with one another in each and every state in the nation! That is how you generate competition. Creating a government run, 1301st insurance company does nothing to generate more competition.

This is the essence of what we are up against in this fight. Elected officials that do not understand simple economic principles. Elected officials that think that government is the solution to all our problems, instead of realizing that government IS the problem.

Until voters toss out idiots like Conyers we will be stuck with the problems that exist today, with no real possibility for solutions in the future.

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nanc said...

Well, he IS married to Monica!