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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow Spreading Health Care Lies On The Paul W. Smith Show

StabMeNow was on Smith's show on WJR this morning. Amazingly she threw out "facts" and "figures" with no documented evidence as to their accuracy. She was in major spin mode. She dodged, she parried, she tried to show compassion when she had none. It was sickening.

I would have respected her more if she'd just come out and said "yes, we want to control your health care". Her fence-sitting is notorious. She rarely takes a true stance on issues. She tries to agree with everyone verbally, then votes as an extreme left-wing, liberal. She isn't even an ideologue, she is the puppet of ideologues.

Michigan voters should be ashamed of themselves for electing someone this inept.

You can hear her lies for yourself at this link:

Click here: Debbie Stabenow lies through her false teeth on the Paul W. Smith Show

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