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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NBC Wants To Brainwash You

Environwhackos have run a muck since I was child. I didn't realize that until my wife brought home the DVD of ABC's Schoolhouse Rock from the library for my daughter to watch. My wife was feeling nostalgic and she remembered being a kid and watching the shorts on Saturday mornings.

I was shocked at the number of environmentally whacked out themes in Schoolhouse Rock. I guess they were lost on me as a child. I have had several discussions with my daughter on why some people feel the need to worship the earth, and put it above all else.

Then I read this story:

Click here: NBC enlists prime-time programs in green message

The old propaganda tactic: if people won't submit to your way of thinking then bombard them with the message until they concede. This sickens me to the point where I am glad that I do not watch network television programming. This kind of thing would drive me nuts.

NBC is allowed to use entertainment programming to program the minds of viewers. Yet the Obama administration is going after Special K cereal because Kellogg has made claims that eating the cereal can have health benefits. So I think I see what Obama is up to. Mislead people toward his line of thinking, that's okay. Mislead people away from his line of thinking, he'll use the powers of the federal government to go after you.

NBC should be ashamed of themselves. People do not tune in to television shows to be bombarded with political messages. They tune in to shows to escape real life and be entertained. I'd love to see this backfire and for NBC's ratings to tank.

Maybe that would be the final nail in General Electric (owner of NBC) CEO Jeff Immelt's coffin. Immelt has taken a business that Jack Welch built up, and is tearing it down piece by piece. GE is allowing NBC to brainwash people while they are entertaining them. That is unconscionable.

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Writer X said...

You also see these subtle (and not so subtle) environmental messages in a lot of the movie/cartoons. Last time I took my neice and nephew to see one, we saw HAPPY FEET. Granted, it was a few years ago. They're not so much into cartoons anymore. Couldn't believe how blatant the brainwashing was, even with something that was supposed to entertain children!