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Monday, November 09, 2009

SURPRISE!!! Islamoterrorist Wannabe Army Major Tried To Contact al Qaeda!

The MSM media has been in full spin mode ever since a Muslim Army Major, Nidal Hasan, went on a shooting spree at Ford Hood and killed 13 people, and wounded dozens of others. The MSM has tried hard to make this about the military and the stresses of the Iraq war and have tried to downplay Hasan's Muslim background.

Then came word last week that Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he opened fire. The MSM downplayed that, tried to explain it away, or outright ignored it. Then this weekend came this report:

Click here: Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda

Oops. That this was anything but an inside terrorist attack is now all but apparent. So how will the White House handle this? Obama already botched the handling of this attack.

Click here to read Writer X's take: Shout-outs

The MSM's handling of this thing has been terrible. But it pales in comparison to Obama's handling of it. It is almost as if Obama is more compassionate toward the Muslim terrorist than he is to the military and those that lost their lives in this attack. Surely not, right?

You decide. Read this, click here: Fort Hood Terrorist: Allahu Akbar! Obama: Let's Not Jump To Conclusions

Huh? This is the guy that says we have to have health care reform NOW. This is the guy that says we have to have cap and trade legislation NOW. This is the guy that buys into global warming wholeheartedly despite growing proof that it is a crock. This is a guy that goes out to the Muslim world and gives interviews and speeches. But on this issue we have to "not jump to conclusions".

It is time to face the fact that Obama is at best a Muslim sympathizer, and at worst a secret Muslim himself. I know the MSM has painted people that think the latter as whackos. And many on the right have even bought into that thinking as well. But as time goes on, I myself am beginning to wonder if our president isn't a Muslim.

Then again, the MSM will rush to try to prevent connections to Islamo-terrorism and someone like Hasan. Why wouldn't they offer the same protections to the president that they worked so hard to get elected?

I am not sure if our country can take another 3 years of this guy (Obama).

UPDATE!! Moonbattery has an excellent post up on this issue! Click here: MSM Empathizes with Stressed Out Jihadist

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Writer X said...

Thanks for the link, LoneWolf. It's pretty sad when the British newspapers cover Hasan's background and actions better than our own MSM. Sad, but not hugely surprising.