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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

VA and NJ Were Messages, But Will Those Messages Be Received?

I know conservatives and Republicans (surprise! they are not the same) are celebrating the gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey. And after the last two national elections they have every right to be happy about the results from these local elections. However, the idea that this sends a message to the White House and Washington needs to be toned down.

The reason this needs to be tempered is that Democrats do not get messages. Ideologues are not deterred by inconsequential things like election results and the will of the people. (Just look at the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment in California!) Democrats, almost always liberal ideologues, will not let this election, nor the national, off year election of 2010 derail them from their agenda.

Democrats spin election results. "We didn't run the right candidiates." "We didn't spend enough money." "We didn't do a good enough job getting the message out." When Democrats look at the results in races like New Jersey, where Obama campaigned several times, they don't get the message that people are fed up with Obama. They merely think that if he went there 7 times, then he should have gone there 14 times. If the incumbent Democrat out spent his opponent by $10 million, and still lost, then he should have out spent him by $20 million.

Democrats always think they lost because their own message wasn't loud enough. If they had 5 Keith Olbermanns on 5 CNNs spouting the party line every night and still lost, then they should shoot for 10 Keith Olbermanns on 10 CNNs spouting the party line every night. When Democrats lose elections they just start shouting louder.

Conservatives that are hopeful that these election results will bring down things like the public option in health care reform, or cap and trade legislation are delusional. Democrats never think their policies are unpopular just that they haven't been presented properly. "If people just knew how much better these policies would be for them then they wouldn't be against them." Or they blame Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Fox News, for misleading people about what their policies. Obama has said so much himself!

So the Democrats will not change. They won't change direction. They'll play dirtier now. They'll get more of their rich and famous friends involved in campaigns. They'll get more of their rich and famous friends to donate money. They'll smear the names of good conservatives (think Sarah Palin in 2008) in order to get ahead. They'll jump on the bandwagon against a cause they once supported and make it all the fault of Republicans (think Iraq in 2006 and 2008). Democrats don't become nicer when they lose, they become meaner.

Dictator Obama, Wicked Witch Pelosi, and Darth Vader Harry Reid are probably behind closed doors as we speak, plotting a devious plan to thwart the will of the American people, and to try and get them to unwittingly back their evil plans once again. Democrats don't get messages, they merely see messages as setbacks to their ultimate goals of world domination.

"I'll get you my pretties! And your little country too!"

UPDATE: Pelosi: "We won last night!"

Told you.


Writer X said...

Love the photo of Nancy! Very appropriate. I think people are finally tuning into their spin, especially when they see how disastrous things have become in the last 10 months.

Mark said...

Yep, You're right! I would only say, that some lawmakers may get the message, especially if re-election is important to them. No doubt more Republicans will understand than Democrats, though.

Hopefully, it will be enough to stop the Marxist takeover of America.

AndrewPrice said...

Pelosi's new spin. . . "we won." Holy cow, this woman is insane!