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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Visit Certain News Sites? Obama Wants To Know

Big Brother Obama wants to know what news sites you visit. And he is having the justice department subpoena news sites to find out.

Click here: Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists

This is scary stuff. And this is from the crowd that accused Bush of reading our private email! Obama and his followers would have had us believe that Bush and Cheney personally read billions of private emails a day. From 2002-2008, I heard a liberal a day complain about the violation of our constitutional rights.

Now suddenly no one complains about Obama violating those rights. And this administration is upping the ante by getting private news sites to turn over their visitor's lists. Where is the outrage?

You'd think the MSM would be pitching a fit over this one. But I guess since it is The One's justice department now then anything they want to do is okay. Just further proof that the MSM is in bed with this administration.

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Writer X said...

Anyone who doesn't believe that the MSM is an extension of the current White House is really not paying attention. Can you imagine if Bush had suggested such a thing? There would be a 24/7 MSM conniption fit and Rangel, Pelosi, et al. would be demanding investigations.