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Friday, November 13, 2009

Voting For Better People Works!

Imagine this. Obama has now done a 180 on cap-and-trade. Here is the story:

Click here: After spending binge, White House says it will focus on deficits

Here is my favorite part of the story:
The president's plan, which the officials said was under discussion before this month’s Democratic election setbacks, represents both a practical and a political calculation by this White House.

On the political side, Obama can help moderate Democrats avoid some tough votes in an election year and, perhaps more importantly, calm the nerves of independent voters who are voicing big concerns with the big spending and deficits.
That first part is a lie. No way would they be talking about dropping this legislation if Democrats had done well in this month's elections. The fact that two Democratic governors got blown out, and Democrats struggled in other areas as well, is what is driving this.

Voting out people that have left-wing agendas will force those that remain who hold to those same agendas to take notice. This is what was so great about these elections: they foretell what 2010's elections could have in store.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama need to take a look at this month's elections and realize that they are in danger of losing their majority in 2010. That could have two effects.
  1. It could cause them to try and push through their radical agenda while they do have the majority. Or,
  2. It could cause them to temper their plans to try to make them appear less extreme.
The first option is risky at best. Their majority could collapse if moderate Democrats get cold feet and pull out of extreme initiatives like public health care, or cap and trade. The second option could work, but if not done properly it could still backfire. For instance, pushing through a public option in health care, even done at the same time as dropping cap and trade, could still draw the ire of independents and cause an anti-Democrat backlash in 2010.

No doubt the Democratic leadership will continue to push for radical, liberal legislation. To what extent they push, and how many types of legislation they push, will be interesting to witness in the year to come.

Still, this is proof that voting for better candidates, whether they be moderate or conservative Democrats or conservative Republicans, can only have a positive effect. The American people need to take notice of the effect this election is having and continue to vote accordingly in the elections to come.

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nanc said...

I prefer to believe THEY KNOW WE'RE ONTO them!