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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Week After Senate Panel Approves Climate Bill: October Third Coldest On Record

Talk about an inconvenient truth. As the earth continues its cooling trend that threatens our existence (sarcasm), the environ-whackos continue to beat the chickenlittle drum of global warming. Yet here is another fact showing the earth is in a cooling trend:

Click here: NOAA: October 3rd coolest on record

Yet the MSM, Obama, the Democrats, and other left-wing whackos will continue to preach cap-and-trade, limiting emissions, not eating beef, and any other psycho proposal they think they can get traction with by using the fear induced by global warming.

That is really what this boils down to. They have an agenda and they want to use global warming to scare people into supporting that agenda. My post of the Louder With Crowder video about a new documentary showed that: Not Evil, Just Wrong

Algore is not interested in facts. He doesn't want the evidence to get in the way of the hysteria. Never mind that the polar ice hasn't melt, as they predicted. Never mind that polar bears have actually increased in numbers instead of heading closer to extinction. No, none of those facts matter to the Algore ilk, they want to pass legislation they like and they think global warming fear can help them do that.

So next time some uninformed lunk-head tries to tell you that the earth is warming and we are all going to die, just tell them that the evidence doesn't support that, and that their chickenlittle routine won't work on you. When we stop listening then maybe they will shut-up.

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