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Thursday, November 19, 2009

When You Bad Mouth My Wife Or Mother I Get Angry

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:
Ephesians 4:26

This is a tough scripture for me. I have always had a bit of a temper. It is like a pressure-cooker. It builds slowly, but if the pressure doesn't get released it might explode. As I have aged I have learned to control my anger much better. I've realized that reacting angrily in most situations is counterproductive: it doesn't change anything, and then I have to deal with the fallout of my outburst on top of the original situation.

So now I try to be angry and sin not. Being angry is not wrong in and of itself, it is what you do with that anger.

One area that I struggle with today is Sarah Palin. From the time I started to get to know Sarah after her being named John McCain's running mate, I began to identify with her. She was like my wife. She was like my mother. She was like most of the women in my life that I care about (aunts, cousins, sisters, sisters-in-Christ, etc). I felt like we finally had a woman in the national political spotlight that was representative of the women that I know and love. Unlike Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barbara Boxer, Sarah was smart, articulate, and passionately conservative.

Then the badmouthing started. At first it didn't bother me, most election are like this. The opposing candidate and his VP running mate bad mouth your candidate and his running mate. But then it turned ugly.

I had a coworker start referring to Sarah as a "dumb -female dog-". I had another coworker, and ardent Obama supporter, saying that with McCain's age it scared her that Sarah could be one heartbeat away from the presidency. (Note: Community organizer Obama, Crazy Joe Biden, and Nancy The Wicked Witch Pelosi did nothing to bother her, despite that being the proposed chain of ascension).

I had a "friend" that badmouthed her, and when I told him that she reminded me of my wife his response was "no offense, but I don't want your wife as president or vice president, either". Really? Well I don't want you and your wife to set foot in my house ever again. (Sorry, like I said I get angry related to this topic!)

The truth is that when someone would badmouth Sarah Palin, in my eyes they were badmouthing my mom, my wife, and all the women in my life that I mentioned previously. Disagree with them all you like. Hate their pro-life stance, their religious beliefs, or even their hair style and glasses frames. No problem. Start calling them "dumb -female dog-", or stupid, or belittling their character and I turn into a rabid dog.

I mentioned this to the aforementioned coworkers, that it feels like they are belittling the women I care about because those women are very similar to Sarah. The reaction is not good. The ardent pro-Obama supporter, who also happens to be black, starts saying "I feel the same about Obama, when you badmouth him you are badmouthing all black people". Interesting, since I had never said anything about Obama the person, only his policies and beliefs. The distinction is lost completely on this "intellectual" of a coworker. (Note, she also a few days before this discussion was expounding on how Obama really wasn't very "black". Her words, not mine.)

The fact is that these Democrats couldn't badmouth Sarah's beliefs. They had to try to attack her very foundation as a person. "She shoots wolves from helicopters! Surely you don't support that." Actually I do. The wolf population in Alaska has to be controlled, this method of control predates Sarah Palin.

"She is a traitor to her gender." Why? Because she believes in the right that an unborn human has to life? I, and the women in my life, disagree with that. They think that any woman that would willingly rip that unborn child from their womb, and/or support others' rights to do so, is a traitor to their gender. At the least a traitor to motherhood.

All this has been bubbling and percolating in me for well over a year. Then yesterday I read this article:

Click here: AP Turns Heads for Devoting 11 Reporters to Palin Book 'Fact Check'

As the Drudge Report points out, they didn't even bother assigning 1 reporter to fact check Obama's book. I feel the anger returning.

Then I read a paragraph from the article like this: "Biden's book "Promises to Keep" became an instant best-seller when he was chosen to be Obama's running mate, but was not fact-checked by the AP and only received passing interest. In a story last year on Biden's Vietnam War draft deferments due to asthma, the reporter notes Biden didn't mention the malady in his book."

Breathe slowly in and out. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

The media's treatment of Sarah for
the last 13 months has been unconscionable. I will never trust the mainstream media again. If ever there was a bias shown by the MSM, never was it more apparent than with Palin. From Charlie Goofball Gibson's loaded, ambushing questions, to Katie The Troll Couric's creative editing, the media proved that they had an axe to grind, and they were sharpening it at the expense of the character of a good, decent woman.

Sarah got the Dan Quayle treatment to the power of infinity. Heaven forbid she ever add the letter e to the end of a word like potato. The liberal-dominated media will always form a wagon circle around any candidate or politician they see as a threat. They want no more Ronald Reagans to render them powerless.

Since 1988 they have slowly advanced a leftist agenda in the vacuum that Reagan's absence left. They want to make sure no Quayle, nor Palin, nor any other true conservative ever step on all that they hold dear, which is everything America is the opposite of. So they cut these conservatives' legs out from under them before they can build any momentum.

In the meantime, we get a far-left, extremist, ideologue like Obama elected to the presidency. And no one better question him or you will be silenced with the label of racist applied across your forehead. What have we let our nation become?

Bad mouth Sarah, and you're walking on the fighting side of me.


The Conservative Biker said...

Excellent post. You make the case perfectly. Great work!

Writer X said...

Well-said! I can relate to what you say about Palin. The double-standard is mind-boggling but I think most people see that. The hysterical treatment by the Left will only backfire.