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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Barbara Boxer Is An Idiot

Click here for story: Boxer: Hackers should face criminal probe over 'Climategate'

As I said in an earlier post, environwhackos will look at Climategate differently than right-thinking people. Reasonable people want the truth. If global warming is occurring and there is evidence it is man-made, we want to know that. We want to know if it isn't really occurring or if it is caused by natural occurrences as well.

Environwhackos like Barbara Boxer don't care about the truth. Boxer has a hit-list of environmental changes she wants enacted. Global warming was the fear mechanism she saw as enabling her and her ilk to push through such an agenda. Things like outlawing fireplaces, outlawing the internal combustion engine in any form, and charging taxes on Americans' "carbon footprint".

So it should be no surprise that she reacts by attacking the whistle-blowers and not the crooked scientists that faked data to "prove" global warming. Her ideology drives her, not truth and justice. If lying about global warming will allow her to do what she wants with environmental legislation then she doesn't care if it is really happening or not.

That she is unhappy that the fraud that is global warming has been revealed is not shocking. Now she is in spin mode, trying to divert from the actual truth here. Regardless of how the plot was exposed, it was exposed. She is unhappy that something she could have used to her benefit has been taken away.

That liberals don't care about the truth is nothing new. That these idiots are now so blatant about it is new. That is why November 2010 cannot get here fast enough.

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