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Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear Al, We Want Your Oscar Back!

Great story! Two Academy members are requesting that Algore's Oscar be taken away.

Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate
But two Hollywood conservatives (yes, there are some) have called upon the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore two years ago for the environmental movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both Academy members, are among a small, meandering pack of known political conservatives still believed to be on the loose in the liberal bastion of movie-making.
This is a great idea. Now, thanks to Climategate, that we know global warming is a farce, Algore's Inconvenient Truth is based on lies and faulty science. If Algore had a shred of integrity he would give it back. But we all know that he doesn't, so the Academy should take it back by force.

Of course the liberals in the Academy won't do that either, but at least the thought is out there.

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nanc said...

It's tainted - why would they want it back?