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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Head Spinning Times Right Now

It really is amazing everything that is going on. In fact, it is hard to keep up with politics at the moment. Let's recap some of the current political news stories that are going on:
  • Health care reform
  • Climategate
  • Copenhagen global warming conference
  • Obama's Stimulus 2
  • John Conyers blasting Obama, Obama confronting Conyers for "demeaning" Obama
  • Sarah Palin's book
  • Obama's approval rating
So rather than give my own take on all of these, I will link to the latest stories related to these issues:

Health Care Reform

Climategate and Copenhagen global warming summit

Obama's stimulus 2

Conyers and Obama in lovers' quarrel

Sarah Palin's book

Obama's approval rating

I could comment on so much of this, yet so much of it is self-explanatory. The bottom line is that the left is losing its grip. And as that happens they are trying harder and harder to enact anti-American, socialist policies before they lose their power to do so. It is a critical time in our country's history right now. If we don't take a political stand now, it may mean having to take an armed stand later.

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nanc said...

Although I'm not a Palinite, there is great satisfaction in her closing in on this buffoon!