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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Private Health Care Meeting Violates Obama's Own Pledge

Last year during his campaign, Obama repeatedly said he would have the health care debate out in the open and "televised on C-Span". That's right, he promised the American people that the debate would be done publicly with no private meetings and discussions.

The Democrats have been going behind closed doors to broker deals and put things into their bills since the beginning of this health care push. Then yesterday Obama called a closed-door meeting for all 60 Democratic members of the Senate.

Click here: Obama: Health care is near after closed-door meeting

Ask yourself, is that open and public debate? Where was the C-Span coverage that Obama promised during his campaign last year?

This guy is a liar. He can't be trusted. And the American people need to make sure this thing is killed and killed fast.

This isn't hope and change, this is more of the same as Washington does business as usual.

"I lie. You lie. We all lie."

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