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Friday, December 04, 2009

The Terminator Proves, Once Again, That He Is A Liberal

And an environwhacko liberal at that. I mean, the first clue was that he was a Hollywood actor. Second clue was that he married a Kennedy. Third clue is that he doesn't care about innocent lives being ripped from their mother's wombs.

Now he has put a nail in his conservative coffin.

How he could fall for this hoax, just over a week after Climategate, is beyond me. It shows that while fiscally he may be somewhat conservative, he is firmly in the RINO camp. He is a Republican in name only, while talking and acting all the time like a Democrat. That is the only reason Maria has stuck with him despite his claims that he is a Republican.

Dear RNC, please keep this guy off the speakers list in the future. Thanks in advance.

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