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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Want An Example Of Left-Wing Liberal Drivel? Read This Detroit News Article

Click here: Lax home-school laws put kids at risk

This kind of junk reporting is exactly why the Detroit News, and their joint operating partner, the Detroit Free Press, have one foot in the grave. Notice that this is their main, front page story. This home-schooling smear piece is the type of liberal trash that mainstream media news sources have been producing for years. The writer of this article should be ashamed of himself for such a blatantly biased, ignorant, and unfounded article.

Note the details of the case: Even when the child that is highlighted in this piece of drivel was enrolled in public school, they were being abused. Being in the public school system did nothing to help or protect this child.

The writer uses this tragic case of abuse to cast dispersions on all home-schoolers. Note this piece of opinionated drivel:
College professors can teach their children at home, but so can the illiterate; church deacons can home school, as can convicted murderers.

Ahh, see what he did here. A subtle but subconscious effort to link home-schoolers to illiterate murderers. It is as if this writer is suggesting that all public school teachers are the brightest and best, while at the same time being complete law-abiders. Never mind all of the news accounts of teachers sleeping with students in public schools, no we bury those on page 12. Meanwhile, one set of criminal parents lie about home-schooling their abused daughter, and now all home-schoolers are lying child abusers that might be illiterate and/or murderers.

Now I am not suggesting that all or even a majority of public school teachers are bad people. I am not. But I am willing to go out on a limb and say that there are a higher percentage of bad public school teachers than there are bad home-schooling parents. Yet this writer indicts all home-school parents while giving a free pass to public education.

What is really at work here? I'll tell you what it is, it is 72,000 Michigan home-schooled kids that are beyond the reach of the public indoctrination that many of our state's schools impose on kids. And don't let the economics fool you either. A large part of that 72,000 kids would be in public schools if home-schooling were outlawed. That is a lot of state funding that the public schools are missing out on. Liberals never like to leave public tax money on the table.

The fact is that home-schooled children consistently out perform public school children. Further, if a study were done on the subject I believe it would show that a higher percentage of public school children are abused by their parents than home-schooled children are. No mention of that in this liberal piece of crap that is being passed off as an article.

Liberals love using tragedies and crises to advance their agenda. Never mind facts. Never mind the truth. Never mind that the vast majority of home-school homes have concerned, caring parents that want nothing less than what is best for their children. Meantime, a lot of parents drop their kids off every day at public schools, happily, because that is another day that they don't have to pay for daycare. The sad reality is that the vast majority of our nation's children are being institutionalized in daycares and public schools pretty much from birth, and that tragedy is completely ignored by the mainstream media.

And for those that read this and get defensive of public schools, save it. This is not an attack on public schools as much as it is a defense of home-schooling. Public schools, private schools, and home-schooling can coexist. Each is not for everyone, but they all should be allowed to exist. That liberals can't leave their mitts off of home-schooling is the real issue here.


TammyT said...

It's not "left wing" drivel. It's just drivel.

LoneWolfArcher said...

Drivel from the far left. :)