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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Liberal Democrats Have Repeatedly Failed Minorities

Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Genesis 3:1-5

With those words Satan (the serpent) made Eve think that he was looking out for her best interests. He was saying: "Listen, I am telling you the truth because I know better for you than you do for yourself."

Of course the woman, Eve, fell for it, and ate of the forbidden fruit. And gave it to her husband and he also ate it. The result? Sin entered the world and with it death, both spiritual and physical.

I might come under some flack for this, but today's liberal Democrats remind me of Satan here. For years they have told blacks, women, Hispanics, and every other minority group, that they are the ones looking out for their best interests. That they are the ones that know what is best for them. Just like Satan they are saying the right things, but the truth is just the opposite.

Satan didn't have Adam's and Eve's best interests in mind when he soothed their ears with words. Just as Satan was "more subtil than any beast of the field", so too are today's liberal Democrats. They subtly pull the rug out from under the feet of the minorities that they sooth with words. The result is that the minority groups never make any ground, yet they continue to support those that lie to them.

Levon Yuille, on his local radio program Joshua's Trail, spends a lot of time discussing the failure of liberal Democratic rule to the African-American community. (His show can be heard Saturday mornings, 8am-10am, on news talk 1400AM, WDTK.) Mr. Yuille often makes the point that despite the tight grip that liberal Democrats have had on the city of Detroit, Detroit still languishes near the bottom in economic statistical categories, and social categories like drop-out rate, and abortion. Has liberal Democratic rule failed the city of Detroit? But they sure do talk a good game.

The state of Michigan is in the same boat. Except for a few years, liberal Democrats have had control of the state government for pretty much my entire life. The labor unions have a big impact on that: they take their worker-paid union dues, and use it for political action, and in getting liberal Democrats elected to office. Despite the unions telling blue-collared workers for years that voting for liberal Democrats would increase their job security, Michigan is dead last today in unemployment, and continues to hemorrhage jobs at an alarming rate. Has liberal Democratic rule failed the state of Michigan? But they sure do talk a good game.

Amazingly, the same groups continue to fall victim to these lying liberal Democrats. Blue-collar workers, blacks, Hispanics, women, and even the phyiscally challenged believe what they read in the mainstream media. They fall for the lie that liberal Democrats are looking out for them, while conservative Republicans want them eradicated. The truth that is decades of failed liberal politics do not seem to have made a dent in the lies that are spun by the left, and those minority groups continue to support liberal Democrats.

Meantime, liberal Democrats continue to dangle forbidden fruit in front of those groups, and those groups continue to eat that fruit despite the harm to both body and soul. The result is that those groups continue to wallow, they continue rooted in their self-pity, year after year. And the lying liberal Democrats continue to prey on that self-pity. The cycle remains unbroken, no matter how long the misery continues.

Wake up minorities. It is time to see the folly of your ways. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and yes, even the mighty Barack Obama, do not have your best interests in mind. They talk a good game, and you continue to fall for it, but the truth is they are interested in one thing: forwarding their ideology. Big governement socialism at all costs is what they are after, and if they have to step on workers, blacks, Hispanics, women, and the physically challenged in the process, so be it. Oh, but they are such smooth talkers. They are "more subtil than any beast of the field".

Nancy Pelosi can stand before the cameras and microphones and call phony tears to her eyes, but look at her record. She has done nothing to improve those groups' positions. That would be a zero sum game for her. She and her ilk need those groups in poverty and in need, so that her and her ilk can continue to prey on those groups' desires and fears. "More subtil" indeed.

So, minority groups, quit voting for the snakes. If you belong to any of the groups I mention above, ask yourselves this question: are you better off since you began voting for these liberal Democrats? Have they kept the promised lies they made to you? Did their policies actually do what they said they would do? If your answer to those questions is "no" then maybe you need to rethink who you support and vote for. Don't let your past folly cloud your current judgement. It is okay to admit to being wrong in the past, if you are willing to fix it in the future.

Liberal Democrats have failed minorities for far too long. It is high time those minorities hold them accountable.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michigan Pols Couldn't Properly Run A State To Save Their Lives

In the "Stupidity Never Ends" category, I nominate the Michigan house and senate. Trying to balance a state budget prior to a state government shutdown, this is how they are trying to do it:

Click here: Lawmakers struggle to balance budget

Notice this section of the article:

Dillon isn't saying which tax hikes the House will take up, but strong possibilities include a 3 percent to 4 percent tax on physicians' gross receipts, a 5 percent tax on satellite TV, a levy of up to 5 cents on bottled water....

5 cent tax on bottled water? Taxing doctor's gross receipts? (Remember, doctors pay state income tax already!) A 5 percent tax on satellite TV?

They cannot be serious with this stuff. In the terrible economy that Michigan has had for pretty much the entire time Jenny The Mole has run this state (thanks Jen!), these are the last kinds of proposals you should be discussing.

Let's see, Michigan has a 15%+ unemployment rate. The state continues to shed jobs, hemorrhage businesses, and lose residents at an alarming rate. Now you can do one of two things:

a) Do things that will stop those three things from occurring.
b) Do things that will increase those three things.

How you could ever represent your constituents by doing b is beyond my understanding. It is unconscionable. It is reckless. And it is plan stupid.

Of course, Granmole is behind most of these things (thanks again Jen!), so it shouldn't surprised me it that it is unconscionable, reckless, and stupid. Modus operandi for Jenny from the block.

Here is an idea, CUT SPENDING!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Liberal Hall Of Shame

These people should be deported for being traitors. Since they love him they can live under Chavez:

Click here:Chav pack

Sorry but these people are idiots.

Will Ferrell Is An Idiot

Watch this video:

Click here: Will Ferrell And Lesser Knowns Shill For Obamacare

Amazing! Will Ferrell in's back-pocket. Who knew?

Seriously, this guy is an idiot, that plays idiots in movies. That's a real stretch for him I'm sure. Now he has removed all doubt to his idiocy. Plus he looks really old in this "PSA".

Also, who are these other "celebs"? I think I recognized the girl from Freaks and Geeks. I always thought she was on the geek side of that equation, but apparently she is one of the freaks.

Also I thought I saw the black guy from Clueless in there. It is kind of sad when I remember that his character's name in that movie was Murray, but couldn't come up with his real name to save my life. Nice career!

Sadly, I don't recognize anyone else in that video. Way to go, you got a real list of A-listers there, didn't you? I mean even Will Farrell will be lucky to find work again after Land Of The Lost!

And they wonder why I won't watch TV shows, nor will I darken the door of a movie theater (except to take my daughter to see animated films). Hollywood has lost all touch.

And there were some doosies in this video too. "80% of the American people want a public option"??? What whacko poll did they get that from? And then Will Farrell the idiot tries to say that insurance executives have exotic animal zoos in their backyard. Hello, that was Michael Jackson. What a moron.

Also, they spent a lot of time talking about money in this video. Take note of this:


* Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) $20,000,000[32]
* Bewitched (2005) $20,000,000[32]
* Kicking & Screaming (2005) $20,000,000[32]
* Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) $7,000,000[32]

So Will makes $20 million for running around in his underwear pretending he is on fire. Wow. That is so worth $20 million. How dare insurance executives make that much for helping sick people. Idiot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama Loves Quaddafi

I predicted a photo of Obama shaking hands with Ahmadinejad. Here we have him shaking hands with Quaddafi. If we don't get one with Ahmadinejad it will be because the Iranian leader wouldn't shake Obama's hand, not the other way around.

Canada's Government Has More Moral Clarity Than Our Own

My respect for the Canadian government just took a leap:

Click here: Canada set to boycott Iran's UN speech

In the meantime, our own Chairman Empty Suit will sit through the entire Ahmadinejad diatribe, and probably even applaud. That sickens me to think about.

Ahmadinejad needs to be given the Saddam treatment. That's right, I am for the invasion of Iran and removal of Ahmadinejad from power. Then he needs to be tried just like Saddam for crimes against his own people. That our nation would allow this despot to land on our soil is disgusting to me. Especially in light of his regime's treatment of protesters following his "reelection".

But there will be Obama, sitting there in rapt attention listening intently to what Ahmadinejad has to say. The fact that any American still supports this president is a sad one. His arrogance, defiance to his own people, and handling of just about every issue is sad and disgusting.

I can't wait to see the photos of Obama shaking Ahmadinejad hand. Actually I can but I know they will be forthcoming.

What Happened To Suddenly Make Obama Love Bill Clinton?

I was watching Glenn Beck yesterday and at the bottom of the hour news update Sheperd Smith (and his eyeliner) came on Fox News and set up an address Obama was making at Bill Clinton's behest:

Click here: Obama addresses Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting

They only showed the first few minutes, but it was basically a Bill Clinton love-fest. Obama spoke glowingly of the formerly impeached president. They acted like they were old chums.

It struck me: didn't these two hate each other a year ago? Bill was painting Obama as a sleazy shyster that couldn't be trusted. Obama's campaign was painting Bill Clinton as a typical southern racist. The bad blood was palpable whenever Bill spoke publicly, or Bill was brought up to anyone in the Obama campaign.

Even black writer Toni Morrison backed away from her proclamation in the 1990's that "Bill Clinton was the first black president". African-Americans that I personally know were very upset with Bill Clinton and besmirched him anytime his name was mentioned.

Then suddenly yesterday they are best of buddies? This just goes to show how disingenuous people on the left are. Enemies today could be allies tomorrow. Allies today could be enemies tomorrow. They use people for their purposes and discard them as soon as they become liabilities. Obama personifies this.

Of course no one in the media will raise this issue. They want the strife that existed between the last two Democratic presidents buried and forgotten. No one in the media wants to remind the American people that these two were at each other's throats just a mere year ago.

I wouldn't trust anyone on the left as far as I could throw them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Won't Believe This: Leftist Video Being Shown To School Kids

Whoa. This is crazy stuff here. Apparently, schools around the country (note: not ALL schools, but many schools) have been showing this video to school kids.

Now, I got accused of falsely saying that Obama's Sept. 8th school address to school kids was indoctrination. I still believe it was. But there is no way you can deny that this is plain brain-washing of public school children.

Here is what the Connecticut Law Tribune had to say about it: Inconvenient Youth

Whoa folks, that is scary right there.

Glenn Beck did an excellent job this evening on his Fox News show exposing the utter lies in this video. UPDATE:

Here is Glenn Beck's segment on this video: Click here: Beck on the video Story Of Stuff (NOTE: It is at about the 6 minute left mark.)

Off the top of my head, here are 3 lies the airhead in this video told:
  1. We spend 50% of our tax money on the military. (It is more like 20%.)
  2. We've used all but 4% of our forests in the U.S. (There are actually more acres of forest in the U.S. today than in 1900.)
  3. The job of the government is to take care of us. (It is to protect us, not take care of us.
The inanity of the video speaks for itself. That educators and school administrators would willingly show this to school children is unconscionable.

Kudos For Obama

That's right friends, I am giving props to Barack Obama. He has done something that I didn't think was possible and he is to be commended for it. He deserves credit where credit is due. I am not so proud, so big, that I can't admit when someone I dislike does something praise worthy.

So here I am, I am going to pay homage to something Obama has done right.

Here it is:

He appeared on a late night show last night (Letterman) and actually did not insult disabled people! Congratulations Obama, you can be sensitive to those that are physically challenged.

Last time he was on a late night show (Leno):

Ahh yes. That sensitive, compassionate Barack. Change we can believe in!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Off

As those of you that read this blog regularly know, I occasionally like to take a weekend off. I will occasionally just decompress from news and politics for an entire weekend in order to keep my sanity. Obama and his minions are driving me to the point where I was ready for just such a weekend. So I took this past weekend off.

So for me the biggest news of the weekend was that my 6 year-old daughter has her first ever loose tooth. She was very excited by this development, which came to fruition while she was eating an apple on Saturday night. Her and I spent the whole day together Saturday and it was one of the best days of my life.

Let me take a tangent here for a moment to encourage those of you with kids to enjoy every day you have with them. Time marches on and waits for no one. It is hard for me to believe that she is already 6 years old. If the next 6 years go as quickly as the first 6 did, well, I don't want to think about that.

Of course there are benefits to her growing older. She has turned into a huge daddy's girl. She wants to be just like me. I can't even begin to tell you how flattering that is. She is already talking about going hunting with me. She very much wants to join the local JOAD (Junior Olympic Archers Development) program. She even tries to eat like me (which means she often scoops too much food on her plate in an effort to "eat as much as daddy does").

The poor girl is apparently delusional thinking her father is the greatest person in the world. Again, I need to enjoy it because in another 6-8 years she'll think I am the dumbest person in the world!

I find that fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, some mentioned on this blog before. But hey, it is my blog so I can enumerate them again if I feel like it. It is my favorite because:
  1. Football
  2. Hunting
  3. Cider mill
  4. Halloween
  5. Hunting
  6. Annual trip to Frankenmuth
  7. Cooler weather
  8. Chili
  9. Fires in the fireplace
  10. Did I mention hunting?

That's right, fall is the most wonderful time of the year! And as my daughter has become older I find she enjoys fall more and more, so I now enjoy fall more and more. I can't wait for snow so I can take her sledding. She also loves to ice-skate.

Fall means that my decompression weekends will occur more and more. I know the next two weekends will be taken off similar to this weekend. And that next weekend will be spent with my daughter again, so let's make it 4 in a row! Not even Obama's inane policies could derail my fall weekends!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's End Around The Joe Wilson Amendment

Joe Wilson caused a stir last week during the Liar In Chief's address to a joint session of congress. "You lie!" yelled Wilson, after the lying president said that illegal aliens would not be covered under "his" health care plan.

By the end of the week, the house had admitted Wilson was right, and Obamaliar was in fact lying, by adding an amendment specifically stating that illegals were excluded from coverage.

This apparently did not sit will with the Liar In Chief. Read:

Click here: Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care

Here is Obamaliar in his own word:

"Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don't simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken," Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. "That's why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else.

Mr. Obama added, "If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all."

The fact of the matter is that Obama wants illegals covered. The White House for months has been referring to the "47 million in this country without health care", a number that includes 12 million illegals. When he looked into the camera in his speech last week and said: "illegals will not be covered", and Joe Wilson called him a liar for it, HE WAS LYING!

Of course, Obama never tells a bald faced lie without a cover. He learned this tactic from Bill The Philanderer Clinton. What Obama meant, though he didn't say it was: "Illegals will not be covered because we will legalize them before the public health care option goes into effect!"

Do you think it is unfair of me to add those words to Obama's quote? Maureen Dowd already set this precedent when she said Joe Wilson really meant to say "You lie, boy!" So if Dowd can do it then so can I.

The fact is that all you have to do is look at Obama's own words:

First: "Illegals will not be covered."

Second: "The necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country."

Could it be any clearer? You'd have to have your head buried in the sand not to understand what this is code for. Obama technically is not being untruthful, but he isn't telling the whole truth. When you piece it all together he wants amnesty for 12 million illegals, thereby giving them whatever universal health care congress is stupid enough to pass.

The bottomline: Obama wants coverage for 47 million uninsured people in this country, and if he has to give amnesty to the 12 million of that number that are here illegally to do it then that is what he is going to try.

Putin Compliment Proves He Has No Fear

Click here for story: Russia's Putin says calls Obama's decision on missile shield "brave"

When your enemies start to praise your foreign policy moves it might be time to rethink them. As Putin makes plans to reorganize the Soviet Union, of course he'd view Obama's decision to pull the plug on missile defense for former Soviet block countries Poland and the Czech Republic as a positive move.

There was nothing brave about what Obama did. His entire foreign policy is lacking in any real teeth. Appease and acquiesce seems to be the only thing consistent in what he is doing. Oh, except for his tough talk against Hondurans for their BRAVE actions related to enforcing their constitution.

As we watch one foreign policy blunder after another, and a similar performance on the domestic front, you have to wonder how long Americans will stand for this. Most of us over the age of 25 remember the strength and resolve of Ronald Reagan. Watching Obama undo all that Reagan did leaves a queasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love This Child!!!

Click on the photo: Baby Hates Michigan Fight Song
Baby With Great Taste In Music

Love that kid!

And The Foreign Policy Hits Just Keep On Coming!

Wintery Knight over at his blog has an excellent post up about Obama's dangerous protectionist policies.

Find it here: Obama's Naive Trade Policy Angers Canada, China, France, Mexico, Etc

Wow. Just Wow. Or: When Ideology Takes Precedence Over Common Sense


Click here for story: Obama scrapping missile shield for Czech, Poland

The naivete of this president never ceases to amaze me. Note this:

NATO's new chief hailed the move as "a positive step" and a Russian analyst said Obama's decision will increase the chances that Russia will cooperate more closely with the United States in the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

Oh really? Obama apparently bought this hook, line, and sinker. But just a couple of days ago this came out:

Click here for story: U.S. concerned over Venezuela-Russia arms deal

Yeah, Russia sounds much more cooperative now.

Obama is showing weakness on national defense. Weakness is not how John F. Kennedy defeated the USSR in the Cuba Missile Crisis. Weakness is not how Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union. Showing weakness will get you hurt, maimed, or killed. Obama's weakness on foreign relations is only going to hurt U.S. interests abroad.

Unfortunately, this was all predictable. Obama spoke to his liberal crowds during last year's campaign about his plans. Things like hugging Iran, opening dialogue with North Korea, killing missile defense, and embracing the world's bad guys. No one can look back and say we didn't see this coming.

The results are already coming to fruition. You have Chavez in Venezuela making news weekly with bold talk. He has no fear of the Obama administration. You have Iran flexing their muscles and taking Tienanmen Square like tactics against protesters in their own country. You have North Korea firing missiles into the Pacific. Putin in Russia thinks he can get away with anything he wants. Qaddafi in Libya slapped the U.S. in face with a hero's welcome for the Lockerbie bomber.

Obama is letting things get out of control abroad. And the sad thing is that he has let things get so out of hand domestically that few are paying attention. Health care has dominated the public debate, and in the meantime Obama is weaking our national defense to levels not seen since pre-9/11.

After 9/11 common sense dictated taking a harder stand against terrorism and rogue nations. Obama is allowing his ideology of liberalism and appeasement to supersede common sense. The results for this nation could be devastating.

Reagan once said "Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong." These were remarks related to air strikes against Libya for Libya's role in global terrorism. It appears that Obama is willing to make the mistakes of Carter and return America to our former passive weakness.

Being nice to bullies only gets you punched in the nose. Until Obama understands this our country will be in danger of having our nose bloodied. God help us all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raise Your Hand If You Think You Pay Too Much For Energy

Okay, I see you all raised your hands. Now how would you like your energy costs to increase dramatically?

That could be what we are facing:

Click here: Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year

A couple of things about this. First, these estimates are by the Obama administration, and they are FOR the cap and trade bill. So right there that should tell you that the estimate is low since they want to try to minimize the impact of this in order to help it become law. Second, $1761/year is not insignificant.

I'll take my situation as a for instance. I currently pay about $290/month for gas and electric costs for my home. $146.75/month ($1761/12) would mean my new energy costs would be $436.75/month. SIGN ME UP! That is an over 50% increase.

Not sure about you, but that doesn't make me too happy. Considering the middle-class tax break Obama provided for me in his economic stimulus bill netted me about $24/month. That means I am about $122/month to the bad thanks to Obama's presidency. Hope and change baby!

Now factor in the fact that the Obama administration WANTS this legislation, and you realize that the actual cost will probably be closer to this (from the article):

House Republican Leader John Boehner has estimated the additional tax bill would be at $366 billion a year, or $3,100 a year per family.

Let's split the difference and say it will be a $2431 per year increase. Now my energy bill per month just went to $492.58. Thank you Barack, may I have another?

Seriously folks, I fear we are so wrapped up in the health care debate that we may let cap and trade become law while our defenses are down. Both universal health care, and cap and trade must be defeated. In the worst economic crisis since the great depression, shouldn't we be looking at ways to decrease economic pressure on American families, not increase it?

As usual, Obama is letting his left-wing ideology get in the way of what is good for the country.

Obamacare Opposition Is NOT Partisan

If you read the New York Times or any newspaper site, or watch MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, or any of the traditional news networks, you might think that the bickering over the Obamacare bill is partisan politics in action. (You'd also have no idea about the 4 videos exposing Acorn corruption, but that is a different topic.) These state-run news organizations have painted the debate as Republicans trying to block the Democratic majority from action.

That is a lie. While Republicans in general oppose Obamacare, the Democrats have a large enough majority to ram it through if they wanted to. The problem is, to quote Rush Limbaugh, that the bill is a "piece of crap". And there isn't even consensus among Democrats on what should be in the bill.

Exhibit A is this story:

Click here: Dem Senator Warns of 'Big, Big Tax' on Middle Class in Baucus Bill

Notice this is one Democratic Senator criticizing a bill put forward by a fellow Democratic Senator! This is not Republicans mounting opposition. This is not conservative groups organizing crowds to go to town hall meetings. This is not special interest lobbying to defeat a bill. This is internal Democratic bickering, stalling progress on a piece of socialist legislation.

It gives me hope that there are some Democrats in congress that get it. That understand that Americans are fed up with business as usual politics. That Americans are overburdened by taxes at every level: federal, state, and local. And that Obamacare will exasperate that tax burden.

So while the liberals are pointing the finger at conservatives and Republicans, they have 4 fingers pointings squarely back at themselves. All but the most liberal of Democratic congressmen are questioning if this is the right direction.

Obamacare is change that we don't want and can't afford.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots Of Racially Based News Right Now

First, there is this gem. If you watch the video, I will warn you, it is difficult viewing.

Click here: Tape shows black kids beating white kid on bus

Then there is this one. Racial fallout over Obama's politically charged address to public school students. (And before you argue that it wasn't politically charged, no way can he address school kids without it being politically charged. And stories like this prove it.)

Click here: Superintendent asked to step down for not showing Obama speech

So in the second story, the superintendent is a racist for not showing the Obama thing. But in the first story the black kids are not racists for beating up a white kid.

The double standard when it comes to race is ridiculous.

Patrick Swayze Passes Away And The Remake Of Red Dawn

So last night I happened to flip to the local news, which I almost never do. Turns out that they are filming a remake of the Cold War classic Red Dawn. Why you'd want to try to remake perfection itself is beyond me! (Seriously, I love Red Dawn!) The filming is currently being shot on location in Macomb Township, here in Michigan.

During the news report on the filming, the newscaster reported that "the late Patrick Swayze, who passed away tonight", starred in the original Red Dawn.

With that I learned of Patrick Swayze's passing.

Swayze was one of my favorite actors despite movies like Dirty Dancing and Ghost. (Either of which I have never seen all the way through.) I never cared for those roles, which ironically brought him the biggest part of his stardom. For me Swayze will be known best for 3 movies: The Outsiders, Red Dawn, and Point Break.

I loved him in all 3 of those movies. I didn't realize until years later that he was much older than me, 17 years actually. Still I always liked him in those movies mentioned. He had some other decent movies as well, including Roadhouse and The Next Of Kin.

The Outsiders, Red Dawn, and Point Break will always be among my favorite movies. And Swayze is a big part of that. Red Dawn was the quintessential Swayze role for me. The patriotism he displayed through that role will always be remembered by me. That Charlie Sheen, 9/11 denier that he is, also starred in that movie makes me sick.

RIP Patrick.

As far as the remake of Red Dawn, I am not happy about it. Red Dawn was set in a time when war with the USSR was a real threat. The Cold War was in full swing. Reagan had not yet defeated the Soviets. It was a perfect movie, showing U.S. civilian freedom fighters against an invading force, at the perfect time.

Why they feel the need to ruin the original with a remake is beyond me. I am sure they will pull their typical Hollywood anti-war, political correctness crap with the script. I am not looking forward to that. You'll know immediately, without having to see the film, if they do. The critics hated the original because it was a U.S. rah-rah-fest. If the producers of this movie take the PC, anti-war direction with this new film the critics will be fawning.

I'll wait for the regular TV cut on this one............

Monday, September 14, 2009

True Displays Of Lack Of Decorum

Unless you live under a rock you've heard about South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson and his cry of "You lie!" during Obama's lie-filled speech on health care reform last week. The outrage from the left was swift and immediate.

The comical thing about it is that if Obama, Biden, and Pelosi hadn't reacted with stern stares of consternation immediately following the outburst no one would have even noticed. The three-headed monster's reaction called more attention to Wilson's outburst than the outburst itself. Wilson simply uttered a two word response to Obama's claim that his health care reform plan wouldn't cover illegal aliens. It should be pointed out that both sides of the aisle have since admitted that Wilson was right and Obama was wrong. (Illegal aliens were in fact covered under the Obama plan at the time of the speech.)

A coworker's outrage at Wilson's "break from decorum" was funny to me since she lacks any decorum herself. Even funnier is that she won't even mention these "breaks in decorum" from over the weekend:

Click here: Kanye West Spoils The Show At MTV Awards

Click here: Furious Serena Williams Dumped Out Of U.S. Open Afer Outburst

Note the difference: Wilson made his outburst, was allowed to remain and apologized immediately after. West was later ejected from the MTV awards after continuing his bad behavior off stage. (He did later apologize on his website, after he sobered up.) And Serena, who was ousted from the Open due to her outburst, refused to apologize even afterward!

Also, remember when West took a moment out of a charitable event to call then President Bush a racist? Where was the outrage at that? West made an accusation that was untrue without any ramifications. Wilson made an accusation that is true (Obama is a liar) and continues to be taken to task for it.

Nancy Pelosi is demanding that Joe Wilson apologize FOR A THIRD TIME, or risk public rebuke in the House of Representatives. Joe Wilson has already apologized publicly and privately, and now the left wants him to apologize a third time from the floor of the House. Please.

Notice too, that Wilson merely uttered "You lie!" in the midst of an hour long speech where Obama was calling conservatives and Republicans liars the entire time! And in the final analysis it was Obama that was lying. Talk about backwards.

Meantime, West and Williams will barely receive a slap on the wrist. West will record a new song about the incident and sell millions of copies. Williams was fined for her obscenity-laced tirade, but will probably appeal and get them lowered or dismissed.

Justice at its finest in this nation of ours. I barely recognize it these days.

UPDATE: The verdict is in. What Kanye and Serena did, no big deal to my liberal coworkers. They still think Joe Wilson should be removed from office.


Friday, September 11, 2009

The Outrage From The Left Is Palpable!!

Remember a while back when an anti-abortion demonstrator decided to be as bad as abortion doctors and commit the act of murder? I am sure you remember that because the left was up in arms. They are still up in arms. They have declared the day of the doctor's death, and I quote, "a bigger day of tragedy than the government orchestrated 9/11". (Okay not really, that was just Charlie Sheen.)

Well today in the news is this story:

Click here: Anti-abortion activist shot in front of Owosso High School

The follow-up stories will have the following headlines (I am sure):

"Liberals Outraged At One Of Their Own For Resorting To Violence"

"Democrats Condemn Killing Of Anti-Abortion Activist"

"Hollywood Liberals Speak Out Vehemently Against Killing Of Pro-Lifer"

Yeah, I don't think so. The left will comment thusly: -insert crickets chirping- And secretly will be applauding, cheering, and fist-pumping to this news.

You see, liberals are outraged when murderers are murdered, and decidedly non-plussed when passive right-wingers are shot multiple times and killed. Even notice the headline: "Anti-abortion activist shot in front of Owosso High School" The liberal Flint Journal couldn't even bring themselves to put the fact that the victim was killed in the headline!! You have to read the article to find out the fate of the victim.

Ahh, yes, unbiased reporting at its finest. I doubt the mainstream media will even pick this story up besides maybe a side mention.

The message is clear: if you kill unborn humans then you have a right to life. If you non-violently protest against abortion then you deserve to be shot and killed.

Welcome to the left-wing in America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Speech Summary And Charlie Sheen Is A Moron

Obama's Speech Summary

I can sum up Obama's speech in 10 words:

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, and lies.

Seriously, the guy is so slimy and underhanded it isn't funny. Just watch Glenn Beck some time. Beck has been doing amazing work on his Fox News shows in exposing the president as a lying liar that lies, and then lying about the lies he tells. Amazing that the country got duped by this Marxist radical, and that 40% of the population still can't see it.

Charlie Sheen Is A Moron

Okay, so this isn't breaking news. Heidi Fleiss' top client is now demanding a meeting with Obama to discuss 9/11 being an inside job. Seriously.

Click here: Charle Sheen Wants Meeting With Obama To Discuss 9/11 Cover-up

I have some advice for little Charlie Sheen: Stick to the raunchy comedy in your idiotic sitcom and leave politics to the politicians.

Charlie is not the brightest bulb in the package, that is understood by just about everyone. But now he is taking his stupidity to a whole new level.

Congrats Charlies, you are a moron!

Friday, September 04, 2009

New Documentary Blows The Lid Off The Business Of Abortion

You have to see this trailer:

When this movie comes out EVERY American should see this film.

That's all I can say right now, that is powerful stuff.

Update: "Keep Your Kid Home From School" Day

My cousin is a teacher, here is what he sent me today regarding Sept. 8th (edited to protect anonymity):

just an update on how most schools im sure, are handling the event..

Dear Employees:

President Barack Obama will address the nation’s schoolchildren on the value of education at noon (ET) on Tuesday, September 8. His speech, which will be carried over the Internet and broadcast on C-Span, is expected to challenge students to work hard, set educational goals and take personal responsibility for their learning.

GCS will give students the opportunity to participate by viewing the President’s speech at school. We believe this will be a positive and motivational experience for students, based on what has been shared with us about the event by federal officials. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the speech represents the first time a sitting U.S. President has addressed all of America’s schoolchildren at one time.

We’re also aware that some parents and staff members may have a different view. As a public school district, valuing diverse opinions is important to us, so participation is voluntary. In fact, appreciation of diversity is one of the core values adopted by our Board of Education. If parents do not want their children to participate, they may opt out by notifying their child’s school. Schools will provide alternative learning activities so valuable instructional time won’t be lost.
C-Span is carried within -edited- County on Time Warner Cable channels for C-Span.

The broadcast will also be carried live on -local TV- and “streamed” live on the White House web site For those who can’t watch it live, the address will be made available online and rebroadcast on -local TV-. More information about these options will be shared after the event on Tuesday.

Thank you, and have a great holiday weekend. We look forward to seeing you and hearing from the President on Tuesday.



My reaction to this is that I would still keep my child home if she were in public school. I have many questions I would need answered between now and then before I sent her any way. Like what alternative learning means. I'd also be wary of what happens to children whose parents opt them out. What protections are in place for persecution from other children?

The fact that schools have to deal with this makes me angry. Kids are in school to learn, not to be politicized in this manner. Just think of the outrage from the left if George W. Bush had ever tried this.

I also do not have as much hope as my cousin that "most schools" are handling it this way.

Special thanks to my cousin, one of the good teachers, for the update.

Update to the update:

steve this is the one from tricia's school system..

If you plan to view the President's speech next week, please prepare a permission form for your classroom that will give parental permission for your students to view the speech during school hours in your classroom. We will provide the feed to your classroom through our media services but students are required to have parental permission to participate as a viewer.
Please keep me informed as to what you plan to do.
From: -edited-
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2009 4:53 PM
To: Principals
Cc: -edited-
Subject: President Obama's address on September 8, 2009


Please refer to the information at regarding the president’s address to students on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. The speech will be presented at . Please make sure your staff understands that this is an invitation to view President Obama’s speech and not a requirement.

We have had a few calls, and probably will get even more as the media gets further information out to the public, from some parents not wanting their children to view the president’s address. Therefore, we need to handle this as a parental permission or approval because of the political controversy. Any teacher planning to utilize the president’s address as a part of the classroom curriculum should create a permission form to send home with students on Friday, September 4.

Teachers need to have supervision for students who are not able to participate.



This one actually makes me feel a bit better. It is more proactive in obtaining permission as opposed to obtaining "opt out" orders.

Often Misquoted/Misused Bible Verses: I Corinthians 13:13

And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love
I Corinthians 13:13

This verse is one of my favorite verses of scripture. It is contained in one of my favorite chapters of the Bible. The "love" chapter as it is sometimes called has wonderful messages to Christians about the importance of love in all we do. Love should be the underlying factor for all of our actions, including those of duty, outlined for us to follow in the New Testament. While the Pharisees and scribes followed the law of Moses out of duty, with no feeling, we as Christians are to be different. We are to make our duty to Christ a work of love.

Recently I was listening to some religious radio programming and I heard a commentator make a mistake dealing with this passage of scripture. He was talking about love being the greatest, even above faith and hope. His point was that as long as you have love you can lack faith and hope and still be in a right relationship with God. He used I Corinthians 13:13 as his "proof".

Any Christian that denies the importance of faith is denying many teachings in the New Testament. Hebrews 11 deals with the importance of faith. It teaches how we are, or should be, moved by our faith to be obedient to God. It is through faith that we are saved. (Ephesians 2:8) (Note: faith is different than mere belief. Faith MOVES us. We are told even the devils believe, but that doesn't mean they have faith.(James 2:19))

Hope is also important.
There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;
Ephesians 4:4

Faith, hope, and love. All three must be present to be acceptable to God. So what did Paul mean when he said that love was the greatest of the three?

Paul in I Corinthians 13:13 is speaking to the eternal nature of love. Love is the one of the three that will persist into the afterlife. Once we die, or the Lord returns, whether or not our fate is in heaven or in hell based on how we lived our life here on earth, hope and faith will come to an end.

The hope we have will see its fruition in the afterlife. The things we hope for will come to pass. The Lord will return. The books will be opened. We will be judged out of those books based on the way we lived our life here on this earth. Jesus blood, if we are in a right relationship with God at the end of our time on the earth, will be the propitiation of that hope, and we can be saved through God's grace because of Jesus. Hope will cease to be necessary because we will see hope's final working.

Faith will also come to an end on the day of judgment. Why? Because faith will become sight! All the things we have faith in, God's grace, Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, the spiritual realm, the changing into a new body, etc, will all come to fruition. Faith will no longer be required because we will be seeing, feeling, touching, and witnessing what we had faith in. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen. Since hope will have come to fruition, and since we will be seeing for ourselves the evidence, faith will no longer exist or be necessary.

Love, however, will persist forever. For one thing God is love! (I John 4:8) Since God is also eternal then love is eternal. We will bask in God's love. We will have proved our love for him by keeping his commandments on this earth. Love will last forever in heaven.

So when Paul said that love was the greatest of the three, he was referring to the fact that everything else will cease, but love will always exist. It doesn't mean that love is the only requirement of Christians in order to be saved. We have to have hope and faith along with love. To try to say that love is the overriding factor for our salvation is a false teaching. After all, to love is to obey. (John 14:15)

So make sure you have faith and hope and love.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

On The Heels Of Obama Bypassing Parents And Going Directly To School Children

There is this story:

Click here: Parents upset over leftist propaganda video

If you don't think this is a big deal, watch the video:

Absolutely frightening. And they wonder why there is so much anger at the town hall meetings. Imagine conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter doing an "I pledge" statement in a similar video in support of President Bush. The outrage would be swift and severe.

My pledge? I pledge that we identify all of the celebrities and infamous people in this video and boycott anything they are associated with. I was planning on buying Heros Season 3 on DVD in order to catch up from last season for this coming season. Guess what? Not only will I not be buying the DVD, I won't be tuning into this season. Hayden Panitierre taking part in this video made that decision for me.

My favorite? Mensa candidate Cameron Diaz saying that we need to "be on this planet forever". FOREVER? Are you serious? Everyone knows that is impossible! Too funny.

"I pledge to be a servant to President Obama"? Seriously folks, that sounds like something out of 1930's Germany. Scary stuff right there.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ben And Jerry's new 'Hubby Hubby' Flavor Celebrates Gay Marriage

Who knew? Ben and Jerry didn't just get together to make ice cream. Apparently they are secretly married to each other as well. Congrats Ben and Jerry.

Seriously though, this is exactly why I refuse to patronize Ben and Jerry products:

Click here: Ben and Jerry renames ice cream 'Hubby Hubby' in celebration of gay marriage

For years I have boycotted Ben and Jerry because of their stand for left-wing politics. Why a company wants to alienate 50% of their potential customers is beyond me. Imagine if an ice cream maker named a flavor 'Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve' to celebrate traditional marriage?

It is nearly impossible to avoid all companies that get involved in liberal politics. Almost every car manufacturer that sells in the United States sponsors various gay rights events., the largest online employment company, has been involved in gun control initiatives for years. Most job applicants don't even know that.

Still, when Ben and Jerry do something this blatant people need to take a stand. Personally, I think their ice cream is the most overrated product in America. But even if it was the best ice cream on the planet I would refuse to buy their products because of moves like this.

So make a statement with your wallets America, just say no to Ben and Jerry.

Obama Creates New Holiday! September 8th Is: Keep Your Kid Home From School Day

That silly president Obama is at it again! This time he wants to bypass you the parent and go directly to your kids. This is scary stuff:

Click here: President To Address All K-6 Public School Children

One caller into Bill Bennett's Mornings In America radio show had a great idea: keep your kids home from school on Sept. 8th. Just don't send them. It is time to make a stand against this ideologue and his far-left socialist agenda.

The biggest problem with this is that the parents are left out of the equation. Obama and your child's teacher will get an uncensored chance to tell your child whatever it is they want. Meanwhile, the parents get no input until after the school day. Normally the president's addresses are in the evening when parents can interject things like "this guy is off his rocker!" or "this guy is as dumb as the day is long!".

I know I am proud of the fact that whenever my daughter sees Obama on TV she issues an immediate and unrepentant "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!". I love my child!

So parents, if your kids are in public school, keep them home September 8th. That may mean that you yourself will have to take the day off from work, but that is a small price to pay to keep your child's impressionable mind out of the hands of a lunatic.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Further Evidence Proving Our Society Is Upside Down

People are outraged regarding these two news stories:

Click here: Video shows live chicks ground up alive

Click here: Dogs left alone at home for 7 months

Now call me a cold-hearted jerk, but neither of these stories bother me. There are millions of chickens born everyday, the fact that some unwanted ones die and are killed leave me decidedly nonplussed. Dogs left alone? Again, that just doesn't cause much grief to me.

What upsets me? How about the fact that yesterday alone 4,200 unborn human babies were ripped into pieces and sucked out of their mothers' wombs, through tubes, and into sinks. Today another 4,200 were treated the same way. Tomorrow another 4,200 will meet the same fate. That infuriates me.

Meanwhile society is up in arms over dead chickens and neglected dogs, and barely bats an eye at human babies being murdered. I just don't get it.

September 1st, 2009

I looked at today's date and was completely stunned. No I have not been in a coma and just awoke to what day it was, but sometimes it feels that way. Could it really be that 2/3 of the year are really gone? Could it be that there are only 4 months left in the 00s? How is this even possible.

I can still remember 1999 and the ringing in of 2000 like it was yesterday. The overt hype of Y2K and the forecast of widespread computer problems. I have worked with computers since the late 70s. I have been in IT since 1989. I knew there would be little but maybe a few billing errors due to Y2K.

I can remember my wife coming home from a conference in 1998. We were just dating then, and she talked about the keynote address. The speaker was talking about the Y2K computer problems and he predicted:
  • Gas pumps would stop working
  • Appliances would no longer function
  • Your vehicle wouldn't start nor run
  • Your bank account balance would go to zero (or worse, negative)
I could go on but you get the idea. She was incredulous that I would object. How could I question a guy that was so brilliant that he was asked to give the keynote address at a conference on the subject? Simply because I knew better.

On January 1st, 2000 (we were married by then), when none of the above came to pass, I reminded her which one of us had been right!

That was nearly 10 years ago. Yikes.

When I look back since that time at all of the changes that have occurred it is mind-boggling. That was pre-9/11. I wasn't a father yet in 2000. Many of the my nieces and nephews had not been born. My sister hadn't met her husband yet. I had more hair and no gray in my beard. George W. Bush had never served a day in the White House. We weren't involved in any wars. No one had heard of Barack Obama.

Graduations. Deaths. Marriages. Births. Many of those things have occurred since the year 2000. Many people that were part of my life then are either not part of it or a very small part of it now. Many people I didn't even know now play major roles in my life.

Since then I've switched hobbies from golf to archery. I can't count the number of vehicles I've owned and sold since 2000. My diet has improved tenfold in those 9+ years. All of my favorite clothes in 2000 have long since worn out and been thrown away.

My favorite sports teams consist of very few, if any, of the players they had in 2000. Our two oldest dogs were merely puppies then. We've done several home improvements since 2000 to the point where the house looks so different. The trees and shrubs have all grown so much.

Change through time is inevitable, and 10 years brings lots of changes. My faith in God has remained constant. My faith in my country has been shaken. Truths that I thought to be self-evident are now questionable. Things like our nation remaining a free-market economy. Our individual rights remaining ours. Our nation being the greatest nation on earth because of its differences from the rest of the world.

I look ahead at the next 10 years. In late 2019 will I still be alive? If I am what changes will have occurred? And will this the greatest nation on God's green earth still be thus, or will the liberals have won and changed it irreparably to resemble the rest of the world?

If all else fails at least there is still God to lean on.