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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nelson Admitting Defeat?

First Ben Nelson tried to say that the backlash against him for providing the 60th vote for the repugnant Senate health care bill was staged. Now it appears he realizes that he is in serious trouble in 2012 for reelection.

Click here for story: Beleaguered Nelson to air TV ad tonight

I love it! If this was just a small group making a loud noise as Nelson originally claimed, then why is he taking his case straight to his constituents? (His original quote about the backlash was: ""This is all orchestrated...It's so thinly disguised ... it's almost laughable.")

Could this be the reason?

The political damage Nelson may have incurred in providing the critical 60th vote that cleared the way for Senate passage of the health care reform bill showed up Tuesday in a poll released by Rasmussen Reports.

The telephone survey of 500 Nebraskans, conducted Monday, suggested Republican Gov. Dave Heineman would defeat Nelson in a potential 2012 Senate race by a 61-30 margin.

Uh oh, Ben's in trouble. He is lucky in that he doesn't have to defend his seat this coming year, but in 2012. Still, you know the Republican candidate will be all over this like flies on a carcass. Ben Nelson may very well have compromised his job to give Hairy Reid and Obama their bill.

Let's hope some other Democrats in both houses learn a lesson from Ben's break with what his constituents wanted. Then again, this is exactly what those constituents get for electing a spineless little weasel like Ben Nelson.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Too Funny Not To Share: Dave Barry's 2009 Year In Review

I have always been a fan of Dave Barry, and this year in review is exactly why. Humorous, insightful, and even downright dead on.

Click here: Dave Barry's Year In Review: 2009

That is too funny. Some "laugh out loud" highlights:
In crippled U.S. auto giant news, General Motors announces a new business plan under which it will fire everybody but Howie Long, who will continue to make what GM calls ``some of the most popular commercials on the market.'' Meanwhile Chrysler, looking to the future, invests $114 million in an Amway distributorship.
. . . when pop superstar Michael Jackson dies, setting off an orgy of frowny-face TV-newsperson fake somberness the likes of which has not been seen since the Princess Diana Grief-a-Palooza. At one point experts estimate that the major networks are using the word the word ``icon'' a combined total of 850 times per hour. Larry King devotes several weeks to in-depth coverage of this story, during which he conducts what is believed to be the first-ever in-casket interview; this triumph is marred only slightly by the fact that the venerable TV personality apparently believes he is talking to Bette Midler.

On the economic front, California is caught on videotape attempting to shoplift 17,000 taxpayers from Nevada. General Motors files for bankruptcy and announces a new sales strategy under which it will go around at night leaving cars in people's driveways, then sprinting away.
In government news, top Washington thinkers, looking for a way to goose the economy along, come up with the ``Cash for Clunkers'' program, under which the federal government provides a financial inducement for people to take functional cars, which are mostly American-made, to car dealers, who deliberately destroy these cars and sell the people new replacement cars, which are mostly foreign-made. This program, which was budgeted for $1 billion, ends up costing $3 billion and is halted after a month. The administration declares that it has been a huge success, which everybody understands to mean that it will never, ever be repeated.

Monday, December 21, 2009

In The End, No Matter How Principled They May Be, Democrats Can Be Bought

Click here for story: Neb.'s Nelson sees backlash on health reform plan

Democratic Senator Nelson isn't as principled as first thought. Nelson considers himself pro-life, yet he is willing to allow taxpayers to fund abortions for others, despite saying he would not. Why? He was bought:
Despite the perks Nelson managed to garner for Nebraska in finally agreeing to support the overhaul bill, the backlash from those who wanted Nelson to hold a hard line against the measure was immediate.
Apparently, he was also threatened:
Nelson isn't taking the backlash lying down.

"This is all orchestrated," Nelson said Sunday. "It's so thinly disguised ... it's almost laughable.

"So far, the focus seems to have been on some people who are angry. They're ignoring the fact that not only were there good reasons to do what I did, but that there would have been a backlash the other way."
Notice this line: "They're ignoring the fact that not only were there good reasons to do what I did, but that there would have been a backlash the other way."

What backlash? Harry Reid would have made sure that Nelson was never appointed to key Senate committees? Maybe the DNC would have withheld funding for Nelson's future reelection campaigns? What was the backlash that he was referring to?

The problem isn't that Nelson went with his anti-life counterparts in the senate, but that he claims to be pro-life while doing so. Nelson is a Benedict Arnold to the unborn. Judas Iscariot would be pleased with Nelson's decision to allow the blood of the unborn to flow for "thirty pieces of silver".

Nelson might be quick to point out that one of the compromises was to allow states to determine whether abortions were funded or not. But federal taxes are national, and if I pay taxes that go to abortions in California I still have a problem with that. Apparently Nelson has no problem with that. He thinks that Nebraskans will be satisfied with not funding abortions in Nebraska despite funding abortions in other states. After all, Nebraskans pay federal taxes too.

Nelson isn't principled. He is a teenager that allowed peer pressure in the form of subsidies, funding, and bully tactics to make him give up his pro-life stance. He is a turncoat at worst, and a coward at best. I think that he is probably both. Now it is up to Nebraska to make sure he doesn't represent their state after his next reelection bid. If he thinks this backlash is orchestrated, Nebraskans should prove just how grass-roots it really is at the polls.

Ben Nelson will clown for you too! Just pay him enough and he'll perform abortions for you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Karl Rove Sets The Record Straight: Obama No B+

Karl Rove tells it like it is!

Click here: Karl Rove: The President Is No B+

Notice how Rove picks apart each of Obama's self-proclaimed victories? And in that light they aren't victories at all. Obama is a charlatan. He is a ruse. He was elected merely for what he looked like, and his lack of substance is proving that.

Rove points out the holes in Obama's self-imposed B+ grade. He exposes Obama for what he is: a liar that talks big and doesn't back it up.

Obama gave himself a B+, while the rest of us give him a F-.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Want An Example Of Left-Wing Liberal Drivel? Read This Detroit News Article

Click here: Lax home-school laws put kids at risk

This kind of junk reporting is exactly why the Detroit News, and their joint operating partner, the Detroit Free Press, have one foot in the grave. Notice that this is their main, front page story. This home-schooling smear piece is the type of liberal trash that mainstream media news sources have been producing for years. The writer of this article should be ashamed of himself for such a blatantly biased, ignorant, and unfounded article.

Note the details of the case: Even when the child that is highlighted in this piece of drivel was enrolled in public school, they were being abused. Being in the public school system did nothing to help or protect this child.

The writer uses this tragic case of abuse to cast dispersions on all home-schoolers. Note this piece of opinionated drivel:
College professors can teach their children at home, but so can the illiterate; church deacons can home school, as can convicted murderers.

Ahh, see what he did here. A subtle but subconscious effort to link home-schoolers to illiterate murderers. It is as if this writer is suggesting that all public school teachers are the brightest and best, while at the same time being complete law-abiders. Never mind all of the news accounts of teachers sleeping with students in public schools, no we bury those on page 12. Meanwhile, one set of criminal parents lie about home-schooling their abused daughter, and now all home-schoolers are lying child abusers that might be illiterate and/or murderers.

Now I am not suggesting that all or even a majority of public school teachers are bad people. I am not. But I am willing to go out on a limb and say that there are a higher percentage of bad public school teachers than there are bad home-schooling parents. Yet this writer indicts all home-school parents while giving a free pass to public education.

What is really at work here? I'll tell you what it is, it is 72,000 Michigan home-schooled kids that are beyond the reach of the public indoctrination that many of our state's schools impose on kids. And don't let the economics fool you either. A large part of that 72,000 kids would be in public schools if home-schooling were outlawed. That is a lot of state funding that the public schools are missing out on. Liberals never like to leave public tax money on the table.

The fact is that home-schooled children consistently out perform public school children. Further, if a study were done on the subject I believe it would show that a higher percentage of public school children are abused by their parents than home-schooled children are. No mention of that in this liberal piece of crap that is being passed off as an article.

Liberals love using tragedies and crises to advance their agenda. Never mind facts. Never mind the truth. Never mind that the vast majority of home-school homes have concerned, caring parents that want nothing less than what is best for their children. Meantime, a lot of parents drop their kids off every day at public schools, happily, because that is another day that they don't have to pay for daycare. The sad reality is that the vast majority of our nation's children are being institutionalized in daycares and public schools pretty much from birth, and that tragedy is completely ignored by the mainstream media.

And for those that read this and get defensive of public schools, save it. This is not an attack on public schools as much as it is a defense of home-schooling. Public schools, private schools, and home-schooling can coexist. Each is not for everyone, but they all should be allowed to exist. That liberals can't leave their mitts off of home-schooling is the real issue here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OOPS! Energy Efficient Traffic Lights Cause Accidents!

In the law of unintended consequences segment we have this gem! You can't make this stuff up.

Click here: Energy Saving LED Stoplights Freeze Over

What is a little death and mayhem when you are being energy efficient and saving the environment? In fact, isn't that and envirnowhacko's goal? To kill as many humans as possible thereby saving their deity the earth?

For every decision there are consequences, and all factors should be weighed before just assuming that an environmentally sound decision is a good decision.

The result of energy efficient LED traffic lights. Well done environwhackos!

Private Health Care Meeting Violates Obama's Own Pledge

Last year during his campaign, Obama repeatedly said he would have the health care debate out in the open and "televised on C-Span". That's right, he promised the American people that the debate would be done publicly with no private meetings and discussions.

The Democrats have been going behind closed doors to broker deals and put things into their bills since the beginning of this health care push. Then yesterday Obama called a closed-door meeting for all 60 Democratic members of the Senate.

Click here: Obama: Health care is near after closed-door meeting

Ask yourself, is that open and public debate? Where was the C-Span coverage that Obama promised during his campaign last year?

This guy is a liar. He can't be trusted. And the American people need to make sure this thing is killed and killed fast.

This isn't hope and change, this is more of the same as Washington does business as usual.

"I lie. You lie. We all lie."

Monday, December 14, 2009

This Is Why You Never Allow The Student To Grade Their Own Work

Click here: Obama grades himself a B+

While most people with even a shred of sense would give Obama a F, or at the most an Incomplete, Obama is humble enough to grade himself a "good, solid B+".

Now, even though Obama has an ego the size of Alaska he was able, despite the obvious hero worship by Oprah, to keep from grading himself an A+. Of course, any student that knew they were failing might go for a lesser grade for the sake of trying sneak one through.

Luckily, the American people have been paying attention. More and more of those that vote are starting to show Obama what grade he really deserves:

Click here: New low in Obama approval rating

I am sure the B+ Obama administration will respond to that approval rating by once again comparing pollsters to kids with crayons. As if the pollsters are really just hurdling insults at Obama instead of pulling together scientific polling data. Obama's B+ reaction? "I know you are but what am I."

Well people, this is what you get when you elect a guy based on what he looks like instead of on his qualifications (which he had little) or his character (which he had none of).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Matt Damon: Mandela Greatest Political Leader Of Our Lifetime

Click here: Damon On Mandela

Thanks Matt, but I do have a question. WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK? My goodness this guy has an ego the size of Barack Obama's. Maybe bigger. No one cares what you think Matt. You pretend to be other people for a living, and you are not very good at it either. Why would anyone care who Damon thinks was a great leader? Besides, he isn't even right about it.

There are plenty of other great leaders. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are two off the top of my head. I respect Mandela but I don't think he was the greatest political leader of our lifetime.

Matt Damon just needs to go about promoting his movie, Invictus, and be quiet about politics. I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan (directed the movie), but I won't be seeing this movie because of his decision to cast Damon. They won't be getting any of my money.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Algore Not Just An Idiot, But A Liar Too

Click here: Climategate: Gore falsifies the record

Algore is a liar.

Q: How damaging to your argument was the disclosure of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University?

A: To paraphrase Shakespeare, it’s sound and fury signifying nothing. I haven’t read all the e-mails, but the most recent one is more than 10 years old. These private exchanges between these scientists do not in any way cause any question about the scientific consensus.

Q: There is a sense in these e-mails, though, that data was hidden and hoarded, which is the opposite of the case you make [in your book] about having an open and fair debate.

A: I think it’s been taken wildly out of context. The discussion you’re referring to was about two papers that two of these scientists felt shouldn’t be accepted as part of the IPCC report. Both of them, in fact, were included, referenced, and discussed. So an e-mail exchange more than 10 years ago including somebody’s opinion that a particular study isn’t any good is one thing, but the fact that the study ended up being included and discussed anyway is a more powerful comment on what the result of the scientific process really is.

These people are examining what they can or should do to deal with the P.R. dimensions of this, but where the scientific consensus is concerned, it’s completely unchanged. What we’re seeing is a set of changes worldwide that just make this discussion over 10-year-old e-mails kind of silly.

Here is the best part:

In fact, as Watts Up With That shows, one Climategate email was from just two months ago. The most recent was sent on November 12 - just a month ago. The emails which have Tom Wigley seeming (to me) to choke on the deceit are all from this year. Phil Jones’ infamous email urging other Climategate scientists to delete emails is from last year.

So add liar to the growing list of what Algore really is. Coward? (won't debate) Already on the list. Profiteer? (making money hand over fist on the GW crap) Already on the list. Unrepresentative of the truth? (all of the bad information in his movie and book) Already there. And now cold-blooded, out-and-out, direct to a person, liar.

Algore, you are a sickening, disgusting, and repulsively sad, excuse of a human-being.

Hairy Reid Defends His Slavery Comment

Click here: Reid doubles down on slavery analogy

Imagine if a GOP Senate majority leader said something like this, and then refused to apologize for it. What do you honestly think would have occurred? The left is not only incendiary, but they are not remorseful for the things that they say and do that are divisive.

If Hairy Reid had a shred of integrity not only would he apologize, but he'd step down as majority leader. Unfortunately, Hairy Reid and integrity are not two subjects that belong in the same sentence.

Head Spinning Times Right Now

It really is amazing everything that is going on. In fact, it is hard to keep up with politics at the moment. Let's recap some of the current political news stories that are going on:
  • Health care reform
  • Climategate
  • Copenhagen global warming conference
  • Obama's Stimulus 2
  • John Conyers blasting Obama, Obama confronting Conyers for "demeaning" Obama
  • Sarah Palin's book
  • Obama's approval rating
So rather than give my own take on all of these, I will link to the latest stories related to these issues:

Health Care Reform

Climategate and Copenhagen global warming summit

Obama's stimulus 2

Conyers and Obama in lovers' quarrel

Sarah Palin's book

Obama's approval rating

I could comment on so much of this, yet so much of it is self-explanatory. The bottom line is that the left is losing its grip. And as that happens they are trying harder and harder to enact anti-American, socialist policies before they lose their power to do so. It is a critical time in our country's history right now. If we don't take a political stand now, it may mean having to take an armed stand later.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hairy Reid (sic): If You Are Opposed To Government Health Care Then You Are Pro-Slavery

In the "you can't make this stuff up" segment, Hairy Reid has decided to play the old ace-in-the-hole of the Democratic party. When ever the Democrats can't get what they want they resort to crying racism. Hairy Reid has just lowered the debate into the mud pit with his latest proclamation:

Click here: Reid Compares Opponents of Health Care Reform to Supporters of Slavery

Most people realize that Hairy Reid isn't the smartest cookie in the package, but he may be the most devious. While his counterpart in the House (Nance Pelosi) usually will resort to the lowest common denominator in her plot for world domination, Hairy Reid is proving even more adept at it.

Hairy's ploy is simple: paint health care opponents as racists in an effort to undermine their coalition. Hairy makes the common Democratic mistake: he assumes that since the Democrats are for it, then all black Americans must be for it too. Hairy is the real racist here since he can't see black Americans as individuals, but as a collective that move around as one giant mass, and are unable to think for themselves.

This is a common form of racism with the left. The left just take black Americans for granted. They believe that black Americans are incapable of thinking for themselves. They assume that if one black person is for something, then all black people must be for that thing. The left is far more racist than the right because they see a person's skin color and immediately assume that they know what those black Americans want, need, and think. Yet we on the right are painted in the mainstream media as the racists.

I have several black friends. While some of them are and always will be Democrats, many of them are conservative socially and fiscally. They think for themselves and do not bow down at the altar of the Democrats. Black Americans, despite what the left believes, are completely capable of forming their own opinions on a variety of issues. They see that the Democrats, despite their promises, have been keeping black Americans feeling oppressed in order to garner their support by publicly making shows of support. It is one of the most disgusting things I have witnessed since I have become politically aware.

So Hairy Reid is going to that well once again. The MSM will continue to help him in this cause. I have more faith in all Americans, whether white or black or other, to see through this and realize that it is Hairy that is being the racist.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Head Of Comcast Endorses Obamacare To Get NBC Merger Approved

This is disgusting.

Click here: A day after NBC merger announced, Comcast Head Endorses Obamacare

This really ticks me off. What is even more upsetting is that I have no alternative but to be a Comcast customer because no one else offers high-speed internet in my area. If I had a choice I would drop Comcast today.

This kind of thing has to stop. The government cannot be trusted when political favors and buy-offs are so common place. That is what Obama's entire agenda is made up of.

CommieCast may not just be a clever nickname after all.

One Man's Opinion.....

A local sports columnist, Joe Falls (RIP), used to do these columns occasionally where he'd share a brief opinion on a variety of topics. I've always wanted to do something similar so today is the day. Some of these may be longer, others may be shorter. But all will be MY opinion as I wax philosophical on several, diverse topics.
  • One of my former coworkers has dedicated his blog to writing about comic books. He even wrote a book on his "rebirth" as a comic book fan in adulthood. I say bully for him, different strokes for different folks. I still get nostalgic thumbing through the comic collection of my youth, but have not had any desire to rekindle that fire. In fact, occasionally looking at today's modern comics at book stores has cemented the fact that I am, and always will be, a former comic fan. Too much has changed in the industry since the heyday of the 80s. I haven't been fond of many of the changes, including the cover price. How kids today can afford to buy the number of comics I used to buy on a weekly basis is beyond me. My comic book enjoyment will from henceforth be limited to watching the comic heroes of my youth come alive on the silver screen.
  • Imagine for a moment if you will, that emails from an expert source, on any number of subjects, proved a bias in promoting one viewpoint on the given subject despite what the true evidence suggested. Say the emails showed an effort to prove guns were used more for personal protection than for crime. Or that cigarettes weren't as bad for you as some claim. Or maybe that some enemy of the United States had a stockpile of WMDs. The mainstream media would jump on those emails and make it national news for weeks, if not months. Yet when there are emails showing a bias toward something like, say global warming, the MSM goes into a shell hoping we aren't paying attention. Sickening.
  • 68 years ago the Japanese launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Much like September 11th, we should NEVER forget. Many gave their lives to protect this country's freedoms. They deserve all the respect that we can pay them and more.
  • The fact that health care is still being debated is unconscionable. Every opinion poll taken on it proves that the majority of the Americans are against government-run health care. Yet Obama and his minions are bent on getting it passed. Much like the stimulus, it is nothing more than political favors for getting him elected. The Obama attitude? Who cares what the American people want if it will forward his ideological agenda. Double sickening.
  • November 2010 can't get here soon enough. Nuff said..........
  • The new Motorola Droid cellphone looks phenomenal. If I wasn't such a tightwad I would buy one with a data and web plan. But instead I will keep my 3 year-old phone, with only the ability to make and receive calls. After all, that is what cellphones are for.
  • My luck in deer hunting has run out. After several years of seeing deer every time I went into the woods, this year I haven't been seeing deer at all. I did get a doe early in bow season, but since then have been skunked. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.
  • As the holidays approach, I find myself listening to the radio stations that play holiday music 24/7. Maybe it is an age thing, I don't know, but I can't get enough! On that note, have a holly, jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear Al, We Want Your Oscar Back!

Great story! Two Academy members are requesting that Algore's Oscar be taken away.

Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate
But two Hollywood conservatives (yes, there are some) have called upon the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore two years ago for the environmental movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both Academy members, are among a small, meandering pack of known political conservatives still believed to be on the loose in the liberal bastion of movie-making.
This is a great idea. Now, thanks to Climategate, that we know global warming is a farce, Algore's Inconvenient Truth is based on lies and faulty science. If Algore had a shred of integrity he would give it back. But we all know that he doesn't, so the Academy should take it back by force.

Of course the liberals in the Academy won't do that either, but at least the thought is out there.

The Terminator Proves, Once Again, That He Is A Liberal

And an environwhacko liberal at that. I mean, the first clue was that he was a Hollywood actor. Second clue was that he married a Kennedy. Third clue is that he doesn't care about innocent lives being ripped from their mother's wombs.

Now he has put a nail in his conservative coffin.

How he could fall for this hoax, just over a week after Climategate, is beyond me. It shows that while fiscally he may be somewhat conservative, he is firmly in the RINO camp. He is a Republican in name only, while talking and acting all the time like a Democrat. That is the only reason Maria has stuck with him despite his claims that he is a Republican.

Dear RNC, please keep this guy off the speakers list in the future. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Barbara Boxer Is An Idiot

Click here for story: Boxer: Hackers should face criminal probe over 'Climategate'

As I said in an earlier post, environwhackos will look at Climategate differently than right-thinking people. Reasonable people want the truth. If global warming is occurring and there is evidence it is man-made, we want to know that. We want to know if it isn't really occurring or if it is caused by natural occurrences as well.

Environwhackos like Barbara Boxer don't care about the truth. Boxer has a hit-list of environmental changes she wants enacted. Global warming was the fear mechanism she saw as enabling her and her ilk to push through such an agenda. Things like outlawing fireplaces, outlawing the internal combustion engine in any form, and charging taxes on Americans' "carbon footprint".

So it should be no surprise that she reacts by attacking the whistle-blowers and not the crooked scientists that faked data to "prove" global warming. Her ideology drives her, not truth and justice. If lying about global warming will allow her to do what she wants with environmental legislation then she doesn't care if it is really happening or not.

That she is unhappy that the fraud that is global warming has been revealed is not shocking. Now she is in spin mode, trying to divert from the actual truth here. Regardless of how the plot was exposed, it was exposed. She is unhappy that something she could have used to her benefit has been taken away.

That liberals don't care about the truth is nothing new. That these idiots are now so blatant about it is new. That is why November 2010 cannot get here fast enough.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

From Shivers Up His Leg To "West Point is an enemy camp"

Chris Matthews isn't the best in the business. He has proven that multiple times. First was his infamous "shiver up my leg" comment. Now this:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rarely Has So Much Been Said...........

.........with one word. And a picture. Though a picture is worth a thousand words.

When Confronted With Evidence To The Contrary, Obama Sticks To Ideology

That this guy is an ideologue can no longer be questioned. All you have to do is look at his record to see that he is faithful to his ideology on almost every topic.

Despite evidence that private gun ownership prevents crime, Obama's hometown of Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Despite evidence that Hugo Chavez hates America, Obama is chummy with the dictator, and accepts from Chavez an anti-American book as a gift. Despite evidence that deficit spending is a threat to our economic future, Obama continues to practice tax-and-spend at an unprecedented rate.

Now the final nail in the "Obama isn't an ideologue" argument: despite evidence that global warming is a trumped up phenomenon, Obama is sticking to his "global warming is happening" ideology.

Click here for story: Gibbs: Despite research dispute, 'climate change is happening'

Here are the facts:
  • The earth is currently in a cooling trend
  • Even at its most recent warmest, the earth was still cooler than it was 1,000 years ago
  • Sun spots, not CO2 levels, are responsible for the most recent warming
  • Global temperature data was purposely manipulated to show the earth was warming more than it was (and disproving the global warming theorist's best weapon: the hockey stick graph)
Yet the Obama administration is maintaining that warming is "happening"???
Despite the incident, which rocked international headlines last week, climate science is sound, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stressed this afternoon, and the White House nonetheless believes "climate change is happening."

"I don't think that's anything that is, quite frankly, among most people, in dispute anymore," he said during Monday's press briefing.
Huh? Sound? Sound would mean that no deceit had taken place and the data was accurate and unadulterated. That isn't the case. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Obama, at a minimum, should be questioning the science that global warming is based on, not writing off the intentional manipulation of that data.

It is amazing to watch how liberals are reacting to this out-and-out misleading. Instead of admitting they've been duped they instead circle the wagons and try to explain away the truth. Basing their conclusions on falsehoods should be enough to shake them from their current path if they were truly being intellectually honest.

That they are trying to make excuses shows that they are interested only in the environmental policy changes they want to implement. They don't want to alter people's behavior based on global warming. No, they want to alter people's behavior, and if global warming is the fear mechanism they can use to do so then that is what they will use.

That is the real crux of the issue. Global warming is a hoax, there is no longer any doubt of that. That liberals want to cram cap-and-trade, electric cars, and making fireplaces illegal down the throats of society is the real issue. Global warming was the excuse they were using to try to enact such draconian environmental laws. It is now evident that they aren't going to give up their one ace in the hole, global warming, that easily.

Right-thinking, reasonable people have won out in this debate. The environmental movement, and the mainstream media just haven't come to terms with it yet.