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Monday, January 04, 2010

Bono Is An Idiot

Poor little rich rock star. Bono opened his mouth (or pen) and has proven that he is a fool.

Click here for story: Bono net policing idea draws fire

I guess having multi-millions isn't enough for Bono. As with most filthy rich people, too much is never enough.

Now I've documented on this blog before how Bono is into spending other people's money. I've long thought that he is a greedy headline grabber. Well this latest push proves that he is greedy. Trying to garner sympathy after years of making millions off of kids that barely have two pennies to rub together is ridiculous.

Want more proof? Here:

Click here for story: U2 to lower ticket prices

What Bono failed to mention in the press release was that yes, while ticket prices went down slightly, they made up for it by playing in the middle of the arena thereby increasing capacity!

Here is a message board exchange on the tour: click here: U2 ticket prices announced

How nice of U2. -puke- Now Bono has launched a new effort to stamp out internet piracy. He should ask Lars Ulrich of Metallica how his anti-Napster escapade worked out for him and his band.

Bono is an idiot.


4simpsons said...

Lol re. Metallica. I was just thinking of that issue last week. It is like the "stick it to the man" commercial where they are now the man. Oh so rebellious until it effects their money!

Writer X said...

Bono's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

lee woo said...

I try not to get involved in the business of prediction. It's a quick way to look like an idiot. See the link below for more info.