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Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Picture Of Senator Nelson Emerges

What am I basing that on? Read this article.

Click here: Nelson: We should have waited on health care

Notice these "head in the sand" moments:

Public reaction to the bill has been positive, Nelson said, contradicting Rasmussen Poll numbers.

“You have people totally stirred up with misinformation and confused,” Nelson said.

“The poll showed that 50 percent are Democrats that didn’t support the plan,” he said. “That’s hard to believe, that’s really hard to believe. It might be possible but it just doesn’t seem quite right. I don’t really give a lot of credibility to that particular poll.

So anyone that disagrees with him are misinformed and confused? Oh, and notice, he can't believe that 50% of Democrats could disagree, despite other polls showing bipartisan disapproval of health care reform.

Here is my favorite part:

“I’d have to say that nine out of ten people that come up to me thank me,” he said.

Yes Nelson, that is because the other 60% of your constituents are afraid to approach because they don't want jail time for what they might end up doing.

Nelson is a clown.

1 comment:

AndrewPrice said...

Nelson is delusional. I love how he's been telling the Republicans that they need to stop criticizing him. Why?

If he can't take the heat, he should retire.