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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bible Haters Can't Agree On Jesus!

I remember the first time I heard about some people's theory that Jesus was married. It was the late 80s and a movie called The Last Temptation Of Christ starring Willem Dafoe came out. A friend from church went to see it to find out what all of the hubbub was about, and said they depicted Jesus as having a love relationship with, I believe, Mary Magdalene. Not sure (I've never seen it) if they were married or just fornicating, the latter of course Jesus would never do.

Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code depicts Christ as having been married to Mary Magdalene. (Again, never seen the movie nor read the book, just going on what I've been told.) I find no scriptural evidence for this claim, but of course Brown would say that it is buried within the "code". What is interesting is that researchers have done this "coding" with other books, like Moby Dick, and have concluded that you can claim codes in just about any text if you want to. Similar to the backwards messages that inadvertently end up on recorded music.

One thing to note, there would be nothing wrong with Jesus being married. If Jesus were married it would in no way diminish his deity, nor his role as the Messiah. However, without scriptural evidence that he was married one cannot say he was. Otherwise we could make all kinds of wild assertions with no Biblical reference to back up those assertions.

The only marriage the New Testament mentions for Jesus is his marriage to the church. The church is referred to as his bride, and he is referred to as the church's bridegroom. Of course this is a spiritual marriage. Any claim that Jesus was physically married is not scriptural.

And then there is Elton John. In case you missed it Elton is now making a different claim for Christ.

Click here: Elton John says Jesus Christ was gay

Before you think Elton is breaking new ground here, this is not the first time I've heard someone claim this. An uber-liberal here at work once made this claim. (This woman is a whacko. She eats meat but thinks that animals are humans too. She attends a Christian-based denomination, but makes a claim like this.) Her reasoning was that he spent all this time with 12 other guys, without mention of women among them.

Obviously, neither this whacko at work nor Elton John (okay he is a whacko too) know scripture. First of all, her claim of no women being involved with the apostles is wrong! Simon Peter was married! (Mark 1:29,30) (This also shoots holes in the Catholic belief that Simon Peter was the first pope, since popes can't be married.) Second, Christ specifically taught against homosexuality!

Some will claim that Christ never taught against homosexuality, but that it was Paul in his letters to churches that said homosexuality was a sin. (Romans 1:26,27 and I Cor. 6:9,10) This should be good enough because Paul was an inspired writer of the Bible. But Christ, who was with God and was God (John chapter 1 teaches this) gave us his words in the Old Testament that homosexuality was an abomination to him (Lev. 18:22).

Further, Christ taught against fornication. (There are too many anti-fornication teachings by Christ to list, look them up.) In most cases, when Jesus mentions fornication the Greek word translated there actually means "sexual sin". We've already seen that Jesus, as God, finds homosexuality to be an abomination and therefore would be included in sexual sins, along with bestiality and adultery.

To claim that Christ was a homosexual is to claim there is no hope of salvation. Jesus is the only way to salvation (John 14:6), but only because he was the sinless sacrifice for our sins. If he were a homosexual then he would be a sinner and therefore couldn't be the Messiah.

What is really funny though is how these Bible bashers (Dan Brown, Elton John, whacko lady at work) can't even agree on their bashing. Either Jesus was heterosexual and married. Or he was homosexual. He cannot be both.

True believers know the truth, that Jesus was single and not a homosexual.


Writer X said...

Elton John must be getting ready to release another album. He's never struck me as the brightest bulb in the box.

Thesauros said...

Suffering a fools attention is such a dreary business and Elton John is as big a fool as they come

4simpsons said...

Elton is pathetic. Good post and title!

Superstone said...

Jesus is the Bridegroom. We Christians are (or should be) the virgin brides (spiritually speaking). Yes, we male and female are the brides. Are you going to make it to the wedding? Or is the door going to be slammed shut on you by Jesus on the wedding day? Read about it in the Bible. (Matthew 25:1-12)
Elton John is a Jesus Christ hater and should be avoided.