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Friday, February 05, 2010

I Don't Like To Gloat

But I will in this case.

Click here for story: Obama admits health care may die on Hill

The feeling this gave me was the same feeling I got in 1994 when the local paper ran the headline: Universal Health Care: Dead

Many people will argue that we need health care reform. I disagree. We need tort reform. We will not control costs until we get that reform.

The wrong kind of change is worse than no change. Therefore, I am going to continue to gloat that Obamacare, thanks to Scott Brown's election, is dead.


Neil said...

Gloat away! They just had to have taxpayer funded abortions. If they didn't want those so badly they could have already been "helping" the poor they claim to care about so much. They could have saved the bribes and it would have sailed through.

Writer X said...

Gloat away! ;-)

Now if only he'll admit his non-Stimulus Bill was a bomb.