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Monday, February 22, 2010

It Is Time Republicans Follow Conservatives And Excommunicate Arnie And Colin

Republicans need to learn a valuable lesson. It is a lesson that has repeated itself over and over again throughout history. That lesson is that when Republicans follow the conservative movement in this country, they flourish. When the start going moderate, or even liberal, then they fail.

I've said it on this blog before, the reason for this is simple. When Republicans compromise on conservative initiatives, it alienates their core supporters: conservatives. And compromising is a zero sum game because liberals are not going to vote Republican. Period.

The result of Republicans compromising and becoming moderates and liberals, is that they lose power. Both houses of congress go Democrat, as does the White House.

I say all this to set up a very simple premise. It is time for Michael Steele and the GOP to disavow any association with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Powell. Steele needs to come out and just simply say that they are being stripped of their Republican membership. They don't have to go Democrat, but they can't stay Republicans.

In case you missed it over the weekend, this is why:

Click here: Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizes fellow Republicans

Of particular note:

"The tea party is not going to go anywhere. I think the tea party is all about just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction," he said.

Now Arnold can say whatever he wants, he isn't going to be running again. So it doesn't matter to him. However, how sweet would it be for the Republicans to say to him: "Look, you aren't good for the party, so we are stripping you of your Republican membership." It would a wonderful slap in the face to show Arnold that we don't appreciate the way he has behaved as a so-called Republican.

Then there is Colin Powell. First a history lesson on Powell and what he pulled prior to the election in 2008.

Click here: Sorry, But Colin Powell Is Lying

And then there was this over the weekend:

Click here: Powell rebukes Cheney, backs Obama on national security

It is time to send a message that wolves in sheep's clothing, like Powell, will not be tolerated. Powell is a Democrat, whether or not he wants to admit it. While most people that were snowed into supporting Obama are now admitting their mistake, a so-called Republican, that voted for Obama, claims to still support him?

Time for the GOP to tell Powell: "Thanks but no thanks. Please no longer call yourself a Republican. We no longer want you in the party and would appreciate it if you would stop claiming to be a Republican."

Republicans have a chance to become the relevant party. They shouldn't squander that chance by thinking they can cast aside conservatives and become wishy-washy. It is time for them to embrace the principles that Ronald Reagan set forth for the party, and it is time for the party to jettison anyone that doesn't do that embracing.


Writer X said...

These two, Arnold in particular, only make themselves less relevant with their comments.

LawHawkSF said...

That's long overdue. Bowel Powell is not only not a Republican, he's a back-stabbing, tale-telling spy for the liberals. Undermining the Commander-in-Chief who treated him so well is dishonorable at best. As for the all-new and very green Governator, he is beneath contempt. Even for such a mock conservative, I've never seen a politician make such a sharp left turn in office after one defeat at the polls (the conservative initiatives he supported). He's a closet girly-man.

LoneWolfArcher said...

"Closet girly-man"!!! LOVE IT!