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Friday, February 05, 2010

My First Open Letter To President Obama

Dear President Obama,

First, you have no idea how difficult it is for me to type those words. From 93-2000 I don't think I once uttered "Clinton" and "President" in the same sentence. But I digress.

Mr. President, I am writing to ask you to do me a favor. Understand, I didn't vote for you. I didn't vote for "the other one" (John McCain) either, as I cast my vote for Sarah Palin to be Vice President. But again, I digress. Please though do me this one favor. After a year in office please stop blaming President Bush for the failures of your administration.

While President Bush did fight two wars, and while he did over spend on a Medicare prescription drug program, and while he did give tax cuts to all Americans, our current problems are not entirely his fault.

First, Bush started TARP, something I opposed and still oppose. You then bailed out auto companies and over spent on a pork program you erroneously called "stimulus".

Second, while unemployment plummeted despite you telling us it wouldn't with the stimulus package, the stock market actually recovered last year to get back to 10,600. Up from a low of under 8,500. Yesterday it closed at 10,002, and is under 10,000 as I type this.

Third, Bush did fund two wars. (This is spending I support, as I feel it is the only real role for the federal government.) Yet despite you claiming you were going to end those wars you've continued to fund them.

Fourth, Bush gave all Americans a tax cut. You claimed you would give the middle class a tax cut. I am still waiting.

Now, on the first bullet, TARP has largely been paid back. Your auto bailouts continue to hemorrhage, and the stimulus might as well have just flushed $800 billion down the toilet. I say that because your goal was to prevent unemployment from going over 8%. Nice try. You can't blame Bush for that.

On the second point, the market is now yours. While you could argue you inherited a depressed market you can no longer blame Bush for the market. The market is tanking again under your watch. The lower it goes the more blame you deserve for it. You can't blame Bush for that.

On the third point, what gives? Either you are against the war spending and pull the troops home immediately. Or you admit Bush was right in those wars and continue to fund them. You can't have it both ways. This has been in your power for over a year. The fact that the wars are still costing money is your fault. You can't blame Bush for that.

On the fourth point, tax cuts across the board are the best way to stimulate the economy! That is why we recovered from the economic meltdown in the aftermath of 9/11. The Bush tax cuts have nothing to do with our current situation. You can't blame Bush for that.

As far as the surpluses go, if your spending increase were merely within $200 billion of our 2000 budget then you'd have an argument. It concerns me that you think the American people are that stupid. Okay, some of them probably are. But not all of us.

Dear Mr. President, just stop it. Blaming Bush may have had some traction in your first few months in office, but our current crisis is all on you. After all, your presidential campaign of hope and change claimed to have all the answers. That is what largely got you elected. Where are all those answers now?

A Very Concerned American Citizen

P.S. I thank God every night for Scott Brown.

Appendix A: This chart says it all.

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