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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perverts And Technology Do Not Mix!

Any cool new technology will quickly be used for evil by perverts. Example, not long after the invent of videotape and camcorders, perverts were flooding the market with every type of pornography they could think to videotape. Of course it also shows that there is a marketplace full of perverts willing to buy such a product.

I read an article a few years ago predicting that Blu-ray would win out over HD-DVD. (If those terms are foreign to you, do some googling.) Why? Because the porn industry had come on board with Blu-ray. The porn industry is widely credited with VHS winning out over Beta back in the days of that battle.

Let's not get started on perverts and the internet.

Well it didn't take long for a new security technology to be abused by, you guessed it, perverts. Maybe you've heard of the full body scanners they want to install at airports. They are controversial because these scanners basically look through your clothing. Here is a sample.

The potential for abuse of this technology is obvious to me. For example, you are traveling with your family. Your family includes young children. One of the screeners with access to this thing is a child pornography-addicted pedophile. Suddenly images of your young children end up on the internet.

It doesn't even have to be relate to children. Security snapshots of your wife could end up widely distributed on the internet by pornography perverts. And if you are a famous person you could be especially susceptible to having unauthorized security images saved and exploited.

"It would never happen!", you say. "These things are intended to keep us safe!", you argue. Well guess what? It has already happened.

Click here for story: Shahrukh Khan's Nude Scans Circulated at Heathrow Airport!

Perverts and technology do not mix.

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