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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shout Out To theblogprof

theblogprof always has great posts over at his blog. On this one he hits a home-run right out of the park.

Click here: Terri Schiavo was brutally murdered: brain scanners show some alert minds in 'vegetative state' patients

If you don't remember the Terri Schiavo case then do some internet searching. It was very very sad, and very very complex. At the center of the debate over Terri was this: When you are in doubt about a person's wishes, and if there is a chance the person is aware, then you must error on the side of life.

In Terri's case, as theblogprof points out, the evil parties involved (her husband, his lawyer and the judge) erred on the side of death. Terri was starved to death, and dehydrated.

What I've never understood were the "experts" that claimed she had no brain function. Can someone explain to me how you can have no brain function yet still have involuntary body functions like a heartbeat, respiration, digestion, etc? Those experts were on the husband's dole, of that I am convinced.

Great work over at theblogprof's blog.

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