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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats Vote For Death To Capitalism

Today was a day when America was struck a blow. Much like 12/7/1941 and 9/11/2001, 3/21/2010 will go down as a day when America was attacked, and we as a nation are reeling. Unlike those other events, this one was perpetrated by not only some of its own citizens, but some of its own members of government.

Democrats think they have won. They haven't. They think it is over. It is not. While they have moved us a step closer to socialism, they have also moved us a step closer to Civil War. In a nation where we are so divided, where over the years we have become polarized, doing something that a majority of Americans were opposed to will have ramifications.

First, good luck to Democrats this November. Republicans will definitely cut into the majorities in both houses. They have a great opportunity to even take majorities in both houses of congress.

Second, if the Democrats thought the Tea Party events were angry before, wait until they see what happens next. First, the events will grow in size. Second, they will grow in vitriol. Third, they will grow in intensity.

Finally, Americans have had it with government. They are sick and tired of government ignoring their desires. When Americans say "STOP SPENDING" and government grows spending at exponential rates, the level of desperation goes up. When Americans scream that the tax burden is too high, and government increases that burden, the level of frustration goes up. When Americans tell the government to back off and become less involved in our lives, yet that government continues to weasel its way into every aspect of our lives, the level of exasperation goes up.

Desperation multiplied by frustration multiplied by exasperation will result in something blowing. Americans have a long of history of taking matters into their own hands. Like the Japanese found out after Pearl Harbor. Like Al Qaeda found out after 9/11. Our own government may find out, and soon, that Americans are willing to go to any extreme necessary to keep the nation we love just that, the nation we love.

Revolution is calling. Real Americans will answer. You can thank the Democrats for what may result.

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RightKlik said...

What do we have to lose anymore? We don't have a government that governs with the consent of the governed.