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Monday, March 22, 2010

Letter To John Dingell

This is the email I just fired off to John Dingell, my district's representative in the House of Representatives.

I am so angry that I can't even give you a proper greeting. I have always voted for you in the Democratic primary because your Republican opponent never has a chance in this bastion of a liberal district, and you are the lesser of the Democratic evils. But never again sir. I am going to volunteer for your opponent's campaign. I am going to donate the maximum to your opponent's campaign. I am going to see you voted out of office over your support for this socialistic, governmental takeover of health care.

I don't care that you are supposedly pro-2nd amendment. I am going to urge the NRA, as a longstanding member of that great organization, to never again endorse you. I am going to point out to UAW and other union members, that years of voting for you netted them nothing in the collapse of the auto industry. I am making it my 3rd priority (behind God and family) to do all I can as a constituent to make sure we send you home instead of back to the House of Representatives.

Sincerely (and I can truthfully say that at the end of the above sentiments),


I urge you to do the same and send an email to your representative if they supported this ridiculous socialist bill. DO IT TODAY!


Writer X said...

LoneWolf, people are just as angry in my district. As predicted, our moderate Democrats have gone into hiding. We need to keep up the pressure and vote these empty-headed lemmings out of office in November.

MommyP said...

Really want to help someone other than Dingell get elected? Want to help get somebody, ANYBODY'S name on the ballot beside his because that's the way I feel. And it just so happens a friend of mine's uncle is going to make a go at it. Send me an email at