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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Public School Board I Admire!

Click here for story: Miss. school prom off after lesbian's date request

Brilliant move by this school district's board. This lesbian student wants to break the rules by wearing a tuxedo, and bring her girlfriend as her date, and get the Anti Commonsense Looney Union involved, then we'll just shut the whole thing down!

Now this girl is in for some military-style peer discipline. Imagine how popular she will be now that the prom has been canceled because of her. That is awesome!

It is about time someone started taking a stand against this kind of ridiculous grandstanding. This also proves that the gay movement in this country aren't just out to live their lives in peace, and allow others to do so as well. They want to force their lifestyle on everyone.

It is great to see that the public school system still has some conservative principles left, and some administrators willing to go to extreme measures to uphold them!

1 comment:

Writer X said...

Why did the girl have to make a big deal about wearing a tux? It's obvious she wanted to make it an issue before the prom even started.