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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Snickering Left

One of my most popular blog entries is a review of the movie The Last Supper. I won't go into the theme of the movie, but here is the review I wrote on it last year after having caught the movie on cable.

Click here: Movie Review: The Last Supper

Obviously, it is a movie made from a liberal viewpoint, and I think I detail in my review just how overt some of the liberal themes are, and then I point out some of the more subtle themes in the movie as well.

One of the subtle themes of the movie revolves around the character that is the conservative talk-show host. This was the point I made regarding that character from my review:

The only conservative that is painted as intelligent is the last guest that is invited. He is a conservative talk-show host in the mold of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. He ends up not being all that conservative, and it is implied that he says the things he says to motivate his brainless, unthinking, stupid listeners to drive up his ratings, buy the products advertised on his show, and to buy his books. The point seems to be that if a conservative is intelligent, then he isn't really a conservative but is just exploiting conservatism for personal gain.

And thus I uncovered one of the core beliefs of the left today. This belief is what motivates them to continue to push a liberal agenda despite poll data suggesting that the majority of Americans don't want that liberal agenda acted upon. The left just snicker and say "oh, but you really do, you just don't know it."

You see, the left believes that everyone deep down feels the way they do. That it is only religion, hatred, love of the wrong things, and conservative talk-show hosts that make people believe that they feel differently. The left truly believes that their warped view of the world is the correct view of the world, and that the people that are opposed to that world view are a) either too stupid to know better, or b) insincere in their opposition.

That second category is where the left places people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Medved. They can't deny the intelligence of these men so they instead question their sincerity. "I've never heard the left question their sincerity", you say? Well that's because this is a dirty little secret of the left. The left feels anyone intelligent that espouses conservative principles only does it for personal gain. Everyone else that espouses conservative principles is written off as stupid.

But this dirty little secret causes the left to snicker. In their own circles they snicker about how Hannity, Limbaugh, Medved, and other conservative pundits are fooling the dumb people in this country into driving up their radio ratings, buying their books, and donating their money to conservative organizations. They feel that no one with intelligence would ever really be conservative.

So they snicker about the audiences of these pundits, and call them mindless sheep. Brain-dead automatons. People unable to think for themselves. At the same time they still despise these pundits because, whether or not the pundits are sincere, they are still saying things contrary to the leftist viewpoint. And therefore they must be destroyed. However, they can't seem to penetrate those brain-dead heads in the audience to get them to turn away from these insincere conservative pundits.

Even those that rise to prominence, that truly hold to conservative principles, are mocked to scorn. George W. Bush is an "idiot". Ronald Reagan was "senile". Richard Nixon was a "stupid criminal".

Oh, they have one more category too. If someone is the rare combination of brains and conservative, then they are evil. Enter the likes of Dick Cheney.

So the truth is that the left snicker, and laugh, at the masses of conservative Americans that truly believe in conservatism. They hate and want to silence the insincere profiteers that are exploiting those masses. And they want truly intelligent conservatives brought up on charges and imprisoned.

In the meantime, they will do whatever they have to in order to ram their leftist, liberal, extreme, socialist, communist, anti-American, progressive agenda down the throats of the country. After all, in their feeble liberal minds it is really what everyone wants.

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