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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Talking Points From The Left: SCOTUS Style

In case you missed it, Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, John Roberts, went on the defensive last week regarding Barack Hussein Obama's comments about a recent SCOTUS ruling during his state of the union address. You may remember, Justice Alito shook his head and mouthed "not true" while the empty suit president made his remarks.

In case you haven't heard about this, here is an article related to it: Chief Justice Roberts 'Troubled' by Scene at the State of the Union Address

At the heart of the debate is that Obama was dead wrong in his assessment. As Jeff Sessions states in the article linked above:

"If you're going to challenge the Supreme Court in a setting where they have no opportunity to respond or defend themselves, you ought to be absolutely accurate in your criticism," Sessions said.

Among other points, Sessions challenged the president's assertion that the decision reversed a "century of law." He said there was not a law in place limiting independent expenditures until 1947.

Roberts comments regarding the incident in an appearance at a law school were:

Roberts said Tuesday that he was "very troubled" by the "setting, circumstance and decorum" of the State of the Union speech, where justices are forced to sit expressionless while Congress "literally surrounds them," at times cheering and hollering.

The White House, of course, has taken umbrage, severe umbrage, at the criticism:

Click here: White House: Supreme Court Justices Chose to be at State of the Union

Asked about Roberts' comments Thursday, Gibbs said, "It didn't seem like a pep rally to me."

"I don't know why they'd feel uncomfortable, they made the decision" to be at the speech, Gibbs said of the justices. "Look, the president disagreed, and polls show 80 percent of the country disagrees with that decision. The president would have said that in that room had they been sitting in that row or not been there at all."

You have to love the comment about it didn't seem like a pep rally. The Obama team have been in pep rally mode since he announced his candidacy in 2007. In fact, Obama is still campaigning! Which is why his speeches and appearances come across as such political propaganda. It is childish, un-presidential, and very annoying.

But here is my favorite part: the Democratic talking points called for a rallying cry that Justices Roberts and Alito should step down because of all of this. There was even talk that congress should begin impeachment proceedings against one or both of them.

That is what funny to me. The marching orders from the DNC go out: "talk about Alito and Roberts resigning or being impeached". And of course the liberal Democrat automatons get into lock-step and march together, like a bunch of lemmings, to carry out those orders.

Appearances by Democrats on show's like Sean Hannity's on Fox News proved this. They railed against Roberts and how he should resign. Liberal bloggers started asking about historical efforts to impeach SCOTUS justices.

In the meantime, the Obama administration sat back and looked down their noses at everyone. The majority of the country doesn't like Obamacare? Who cares, we will ram it down your throats anyway! The Supreme Court rules that something is unconstitutional? Who cares, we will try to change the constitution!

Obama continues to do his best Hugo Chavez impersonation. If he could only get around that little document called the constitution.

Here is a talking point worth discussing: Let's impeach this complete idiot that got elected not on his own merits, but because of an anti-George W. Bush (thanks to the MSM) backlash. Time to take out the trash, if only Democrats would actually listen to their constituents.

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