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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things Like This Are Why I Am A Conservative, Not A Republican

Click here: GOP Sees Risks in Push to Repeal Health Law

So basically if you ask the Republicans "Did you support the health care bill?", the answer is: "absolutely not!". If you ask the Republicans "Is it a bad law?", the answer is: "absolutely it is!". Then if you ask them "would you fight to repeal the health care bill?", the answer is "well, ummm, let's be careful here, uhhh..."??!?!?

This is exactly why we got into the pickle we are in now. Wishy-washy Republicans with no backbone allowed both houses to be captured, and the White House, because they were unwilling to take principled stands on spending and other issues. And now they are falling into the same trap.

In the meantime, the Democrats continue to pander to the far-left, and because Republicans are dilly-dallying some where in the middle, the Democrats will continue to win elections. Republicans, based on Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, have an unbelievable opportunity. But being wishy-washy will in no way allow them to seize on that opportunity.

So my plea to the GOP is this: take principled stands, the way Ronald Reagan did, and the voters will support you. Continue to mess around in the muddled middle of the issues and it will be at least two more years of full Democratic control.

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