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Monday, March 08, 2010

Thoughts And Comment

  • Great post over at the blog Right Klik: Separation of Church and Home. The liberal onslaught against home-schooling is continuing to mount. That is why the folks over at the Alliance Defense Fund, and the work they are doing, is so important. Check that organization out.
  • Speaking of home-schooling, check out this new organization: Liberty University Online Academy. It is excellent to see that home-schoolers are being given different options through the use of technology.
  • While we are on the subject, one of the big "complaints" anti-homeschoolers use is that home-schooled children aren't getting the proper socialization necessary to function in society. I always find that funny. We attend church services 3 times a week (twice on Sunday including Sunday School and Wednesday midweek Bible study). Most anti-home-schoolers can't relate to attending church services. Plus our daughter is involved in several activities (gymnastics, archery, tee-ball). Socialization for people of faith isn't a problem. Also, for those that don't attend church services, there are home-school associations to help with socialization.
  • Of course, most anti-home-schoolers are atheistic, left-wing, liberals that dislike not having all kids in the public school system to expose them to evolutionary teaching, homosexuality as a viable alternative lifestyle, animal rights, pro-feminist doctrine, white males are evil teachings, and earth worship above all else teaching. There are a few that sincerely feel the previous point, socialization, is a concern, but that is more out of ignorance (they've fallen for that line) than actual data showing that concern is worthy. Still, 95% of those that want to eradicate home-schooling want to do so for political reasons.
  • Slowly my favorite conservative radio talk show host has become Michael Medved. Lesser known than Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Medved brings a more cerebral quality to conservative talk radio. (That isn't a dis on Sean and Rush, just that Medved is even more intelligent than those two.) A former liberal, Medved came over from the dark side and is now an outstanding voice for conservatives. His calm debating skills, based on facts, is difficult for liberals to deal with. You should check out his website, The Michael Medved Show, and try to catch his show if it is on in your area.
  • The left's response to the Tea Party movement is astounding to me. They've tried to belittle and disregard it at every turn. Even Tom Hanks got in on the action a few days ago when he appeared on some morning show on MSNBC (is there a more irrelevant news network!??). They've tried to characterize it as racist. Fringe. Even something started by the Republicans. What the left can't deny is the impact. Surprising election results in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts should be a wake up call for the left. Yet Pelosi, Obama, and Reid all would rather stick their head in the sand and push forward with their anti-American, socialist agenda. Hopefully, they'll do that all the way through the 2010 and 2012 elections, and pay the political price for it.
  • Seems my entire extended family has been taken in by the 3D movie Avatar. I don't typically go see movies as I am not a big fan of the left-wing trash Hollywood produces. And it seems my instincts were right about Avatar as well: Now We Know Why 'Avatar' Is So Stupid

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Sakasama_No_Chou said...

The only issue I have with your post is that you seem to assume that no homeschooling parent would ever teach evolution, or that homosexual is a viable option, or feminism of any sort.

I'm a lesbian who fully intends to raise children and I will homeschool them for at least part of their school years. I will teach all of the above to some degree. I'm also a Deist who, while I will never tell my children what religion they must follow, will never be involved in organized religion. Homeschooling is not unique to the super religious, anti-evolution , anti-whatever else you are against, crowd.

LoneWolfArcher said...

First, thanks for the comment. I understand your point, and you are right, there is no prohibition against anyone regardless of beliefs to homeschool. However, I believe that the vast, vast majority of homeschoolers do so because of the religious oppression that now exists in our public school system.